Mock 2010 Season


A Non-Orange Colored Glasses Mock Season for 2010

After looking at the upcoming schedule I am going to make my first prediction for the season.  This is not fun because I tried to be unbiased, and reality is harder to take than fantasy.  The reality is that Denver is going through a rebuilding process.  It is way too easy to say that Denver could possibly win every game.  I’ll leave the 16-0 predictions to the other optimist fans out there.  Truly I think that where Denver is at is closer to the last 10 games we had seen than the first 6 games from 2009.

The Defense is old, and the offense is incredibly young.  A majority of the starters on offense have less than four years experience.  The Defense on the other hand is on the other side of the spectrum particularly in the trenches.  Injuries are bound to hurt the defense with starters Dawkins (36), Hill (31), Bailey (32), Goodman (31), Jamal Williams (34), and Green (31) all being injury prone.  My guess is that Denver will be without Dawkins and Williams for the majority of the year.

The main reason Denver will struggle in 2010 is because they will not be able to win on the road.  Last year after Denver’s 6-0 surprise they went 1-4 in road games.  The one win was against KC.  This year the road trips are going to be just a rough, and the home games will be a little rougher with the two AFC Championship teams coming to town, as well as the top passing offense.  So buckle up and get ready to watch a rough ride.

So Denver is now waiting for the development of their new quarterback before they can consider themselves a legit contender for the AFC West.  I believe the season will look hopeless by the end of Week 6 after the Jets come to town.  At that point the true building process begins with the starting of Denver’s future with Tim Tebow as the leader of what could be one of the top offenses for a long future. 

Even though I don’t paint a pretty picture I very much a fan and am excited for the future.  This is not doom and gloom for the longer term.  Predictions this early are kind of pointless anway because all we have is last year.  That usually means that most predictions are thrown out the window by Week 3.  So if you disagree and believe Denver is a legit contender I understand your reservations about this article.


GAME by GAME mock after the break.

Week 1 - @ Jacksonville L

Denver’s Projected Record: 0-1

Denver does not do well on opening day in early Florida games.  This is that kind of game.  It doesn’t matter that Jacksonville has issues.  I don’t see Denver playing well in its opening day game.  This is just more of a history thing than anything else.  When Denver went 13-3 in 2005 they lost to the Gus Ferotte lead Dolphins who were coming off of a 4-12 form the previous season record in the same scenario. 

Den 13 – Jac 17


Week 2 Seattle W

Denver’s Projected Record: 1-1

After a disappointing loss in the florida heat Denver gets to come home and beat the Seattle Seahawks in their first home game of 2010.  Seattle really is one of the few teams that are as in transition as the Broncos.  They have more issue on the offensive and defensive lines though.  Denver gets its first win.

Den 28 – Sea 14


Week 3 – Indianapolis L

Denver’s Projected Record: 1-2

Peyton Manning loves seeing Denver on the schedule.  I don’t think there are a whole lot of questions here. 


Last 5 games vs. the Colts


2009 L 28-16 

2007 L 38-20

2006 L 34-31

2004 L 49-24 


Den 24 –Ind 32



Week 4 - @ Tennessee L

Denver’s Projected Record: 1-3

This is a winnable game.  Too bad Denver isn’t going to win.  Vince Young is starting to mature on the field and when he plays well Tennessee wins.  He is starting to get into the game planning more and it showed last year.  The Titans finally benched Kerry Collins after going 0-6 with an embarrassing 0-59 loss at New England.  When Young took over after the bye week they won six of their next seven games.  Their offense scored 30, 34, 41, 20, 20, 14, 47 in those games.  The running game had a lot to do with it, but Young was the main change that sparked the improved play.  Denver had the 26th ranked run defense.  Denver’s D will get walked all over and won’t be able to keep up.

Den 16 – Ten 27



Week 5 - @ Baltimore L

Denver’s Projected Record: 1-4

Need we look beyond last years to figure out that Baltimore is going to eat the Broncos for lunch.  The Baltimore was the beginning of the end of the 2009 Broncos.  Denver only put points up on one single drive.  Kyle Orton had no clue as how to beat the Baltimore D.  They same thing happens again and may end up getting Orton benched with as many as four losses into the season.

Den 7 – Bal 35



Week 6 - NY Jets L

Denver’s Projected Record: 1-5

Denver’s weakness last year was defending the run and running the ball against tough defenses.  The Jets were the best at running the ball and defending the run.  The weakness of NY was at the QB position.  Now that Mark Sanchez is no longer a rookie he should be able to take on the role of leading the passing game much better.  Denver loses with Shonne Green and Tomlinson racking up over 230 yards on the ground.  I don’t see how Denver scores more than 17 points in this game.  This could also be Tim Tebow’s first start.  If it is it won’t be pretty. Though, McDaniels may wait to start the rookie against the Raiders the following week.  If not, rack up two INTs and a couple of Fumbles to make everyone question drafting Tebow.  If Orton starts take away a fumble.

Den 7 – NYJ 28



Week 7 Oakland W

Denver’s Projected Record: 2-5

Tim Tebow gets his first win as a pro QB.  Denver is able to play a different style of football against an inferior team.  Even though the Raiders will have a better QB in Campbell Denver will have the attitude change and want to end the losing streak.  Everyone buys two Tebow jerseys the win is celebrated with Raider jerseys being burned in the streets.

Den 17 - Oak 13


Week 8 - @ San Francisco L

Denver’s Projected Record: 2-6

Don’t look now, but San Francisco is becoming a good team.  They have an excellent young core on defense with studs in the middle.  The only thing missing last year was a tough offense that could give the D a rest, and put up a few more points.  With the drafting of two huge linemen on the right side Frank Gore will be rumbling through big holes up front.  This should also help with the passing game and Ales Smith’s comeback as a starting QB.  Denver will have a tough time matching up against the brute of the 49rs lines.  Recent history plays favor to San Francisco as well.  Denver gets pushed around.

Den 14 - SF 27



Week 9 -- Bye Week

Denver’s Projected Record: 2-6


Week 10 Kansas City W

Denver’s Projected Record: 3-6

If Tebow isn’t starting prior to the bye he will be starting with the first game coming back with two weeks to prepareEither way Kansas is a team that Denver needs in order to make something of the season.  I see a hard fought game with Denver pulling out the win in the fourth quarter. 

Den 24 - KC 17




Week 11 @ San Diego L

Denver’s Projected Record: 3-7

Likely Tebow’s third game as a starter if the season is going the way I am predicting, he faces a blowout situation in San Diego.  Even though Denver may look to have some spark there is now mistaking who the better QB on the field will be.  San Diego will not over look Denver this year, and will pound the Broncos into submission.  I am calling

Den 20 – SD 42


Week 12 St. Louis W

Denver’s Projected Record: 4-7

The match up that everyone has been waiting for.  Two rookie QBs going at it.  Interceptions galore should be the case in this game.  Though there is a good chance for a shootout as I predict injuries will decimate Denver’s D and the Rams won’t be any good at stopping people either.  I am predicting Denver winning a barn burner.

Den 35 – St.L 32


Week 13 @ Kansas City L

Denver’s Projected Record: 4-8

Denver always seems to lose to KC regardless if the Broncos have the best offense and defense in the NFL.


Week 14@ Arizona W

Denver’s Projected Record: 5-8

No Kurt Warner.  No Anquan Boldin.  No Darnell Dockett.  This is not the same team that went to the Super Bowl two years ago.  Denver will be hungry to get one last win as many of the players will be playing for jobs.  I see Denver taking advantage of the depleted Cardinals and showing some grit.

Den 27 – Ari 20


Week 15 @ Oakland  L

Denver’s Projected Record: 5-9

Denver can’t seem to beat Oakland twice no matter how dominant they played the Raiders in the previous meeting. It doesn’t matter if it’s home or away.  Denver drops an egg in Oakland in their second contest of the season for the fifth year in a row.

Den 12 - Oak 13


Week 16 Houston L

Denver’s Projected Record: 5-10

The Broncos get smoked in this one.  Matt Shaub will throw four touchdowns and over 300 yards in this contest.  The Texans will be a legit contender this year and will again have a top three offense.  Denver will make a play or two but Mario Williams will be on Tebow all day.

Den 20 – Hou 38



Week 17 San Diego W

Denver’s Projected Record: 6-10

Denver will pull out its aresonal and Tebow will give fans something to remember for the next season. Hopefully there will be one.  Tebow throws three touchdowns, two to Thomas, and runs for a fourth.  San Diego will be sitting their starters as they will have locked up the division with the only team with a winning record in the AFC West.

Den 44 – SD 10




Final Projections


AFC West

1st -   San Diego (11-5)

2nd - KC  (8-8)

3rd -  Denver (6-10)

4th -  Oakland (6-10)

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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