Congradulations, Sayre Bedinger! And some notes on McCarthy

My favorite MHR writer--Sayre Bedinger--has a big announcement! I don't want to steal his thunder though, so I'll let him share the news in the comments =)

And as this is too short for a fanpost, I also have a few words to say about Kyle McCarthy. I just found him on facebook and was thinking about him, so bare with me lol (he accepted me btw, go ahead and find him). He Played 38 career games at Notre Dame and started 26 of them. He made 241 tackles (147 solo) and eight interceptions (108 yds.) while recording more than 100 tackles in each campaign to become the first Notre Dame defensive back to eclipse the 100-tackle mark in a season.



Here is McCarthy's scouting report:

McCarthy played in thirteen games in 2006 registering nine tackles. He doubled that total (20) the following season, also getting his first career interception that year. He had a breakthrough junior campaign with 110 tackles, one Pass Broken Up and 2 INTs.

With good height and the frame to get bigger, McCarthy is aggressive against the run(Has the size to go one-on-one against taller receivers). He is also smooth and has good quickness. He is intelligent and has adequate range in zone coverage.

However, McCarthy lacks ideal overall strength, especially in his lower body. He lacks explosiveness and a second gear -- he has suspect speed (4.61). McCarthy does not change directions well as his hip motion is somewhat awkward. He will have trouble against smaller and quicker receivers, so he must improve recognition skills. He is a willing run supporter, but tend to over-pursue. But, he usually takes good pursue angles and is a powerful tackler once it hit the ball carrier. Although his effort seems inconsistent.

McCarthy must add bulk and get stronger. He is aggressive and productive, but not a playmaker. He has to develop a better play diagnostic skill. His coverage ability is decent at best, which means he will play zone only in the NFL. McCarthy is a risk and reward prospect who should be off the board by the early part of Day two.

I know that doesn't sound impressive - in fact it kinda souds kinda negitive, but take from it what you will.

I also noticed he needs to get a little bigger, especially if he is going to stay a saftey. Like the report said, he is Really good at coming up to help with the run, and while the report disagrees, I believe he is pretty good in pass coverage. Here is some film:

Again, those highlights may not seem all that impressive (the first song is pretty cool at least), but I see something in him, I don't know what it is, but I do. I think he has something special, I think he'll make the team, and become a good asset for the Broncos secondary.

Anyway though, after that rabbit trail, congrats Sayre! Wishing you all the best!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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