On the eve of Training Camp - 6 questions asked and answered (+ poll)

The unbearable part of the summer has passed.  In one week, the Hall of Fame game is played.  FINALLY! 

I narrowed my 1,000 questions to 6 and gave my predictions.

Question #1: 

Are Denver's key draft picks/undrafted FA's from 2009 and 2010 ready to become contributors/starters?  (note: Moreno, McBath and Bruton already are contributors/starters hence exempted)

IMO the eligible players for this question:

2009 - Alphonso, Ayers, Quinn, Olsen, McKinley, Branson, Baker.

2010 - Thomas, Tebow, Beadles,  Walton, Decker, Cox.

Prediction : If 9 of these 13 players can step in and contribute with good or great play in 2010, Denver's foundation for the future looks bright and will make this a solid season.  Those who will step up are: Ayers, Branson, Baker, Thomas, Tebow, Beadles, Walton, Decker, Cox (ST).  Yes, that's 100% of the 2010 draft eligible players.  Each have the unique chance ahead of them since the team needs their skills.


Question #2:

Is there going to be an increase in trick plays this year?  (including Wild Horses)

Prediciton: way too obious...YES.  Tebow will be used starting in game 1 in short yardage/goal line situations.  I see some gimmicks integrated in the formation but this is not a big surprise.  

I do see whoever the holder is, whether Quinn or Tebow, to be used once or twice on a fake FG.  A flea flicker or two thrown by Orton or Tebow to DT will happen as well.  Reverses also with Tebow leading the blocking. CAN'T WAIT to see him blow up a corner.  I know I know, you dont want to see your future QB doing those things, but c'mon, he can do it!


Question #3:

Will Orton improve in 2010?

Prediction:  Orton will have another solid, improving season thanks to a) the running game and b) rookie WR development - except for INTs.  I see several miscommunications with the rookies causing a few more INTs.  Hopefully they will all be deep patterns.  Orton 2010 stats  -  65%    4,100 yds   27 TDs 14 INTs


Question #4:

Which rookie will have the biggest impact?

Prediction:  Several rookies will have an impact on the team.  WRs, obviously, have the best chance to come up big; however, Walton will become the anchor in the O-line and be Nalen 2.0.  McD, Moreno and Orton will credit Walton with the improved running game because he created the answer to Question 5 below.


Question #5:

Who will be most improved Bronco?

Prediction: On defense, you can point to someone like Ayers as the potential breakout star since he will have 5-7 sacks this yr.  But the most improved player will be Moreno.  He will avg over 4.5 yds per carry and score 10-12 tds with 1,600 yds in total yds. 


Question #6:

How will the AFC West play out this year?

Prediction: All the AFC West teams drafted fairly well and filled some immediate needs.  Offseason moves helped the f&#%-ing Raiders.  The  f%-ingChiefs made coaching moves that may help.  The f%-ing Chargers seem to be figuring out they need their LT.  All in all, the final standings for the AFC West will be:

Denver 10-6

f&#%-ing Chargers  9-7

f&#%-ing Raiders   7-9

f&#%-ing Chiefs  7-9


Had to get some of these things off my brain. 



This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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