Lip smacking priorities!

Wow!  What a great year for watching training camp!  So many new guys to watch!  So many rooks or 2nd year players to see how they adjust/develop!  It's like being a kid (or adult if you're a pastry hound ike me) in an old fashioned candy store.  Which one(s) look the best?  They all look tasty!  Here's my lip smacking priorities.

The obvious creame filled eclair would be Tewbow.  I'm not expecting a starter this year but glympses of something/someone special would keep me salivating for the rest of the year!  Instead of helicopters I see visions of "road grader" as Tebow takes his 250 lb frame and lays some poor safety or cb out like hot asphalt on a scorching summer day!

 The giant cookie section would be the receivers.  I mean who do you choose to watch: D. Thomas has that "men among boys" look physically as a wide receivers go, and, the way he reaches up and grabs over the shoulder catches sets my taste buds screaming, not to mention "screaming down the field speed"; then, there's even more speed with McKinney and Willis (could it be we go from a dunk and dink passing game to a screaming jet!); did I forget Decker (oh man, visions of a faster McAffery dancing on my taste buds!); not to mention of course Royal and other vets for the powdered sugar on top.

I cannot wait to see how Cox develops at cb along with the development of Alphonso S.  Throw in the second year development of Brewton and McBath from last year and the d backfield is a nose pressing on the glass priority!  Something in me is pulling for Barrett to put that size and speed together with experience to shock the NFL world by knocking the crap out of every tight end that crosses in front of him!

Chris Baker is my # 1 priority to watch on defense.  He should, without a doubt, have been in the rotation with hindsight.  I'm still waiting for Marcus Thomas to break out into the penetrating/disruptive force I saw in his college highlights.

The staple of the bakery is the o line, the bread and butter of the whole team this year.  Who is going to recover from injury?  Which one(s) of the rooks will break the starting line up?  Who will open the holes for Moreno to tear in to?

All I know is I'm walking into the bakery starved, looking to devour any and all treats that catch my eye!  Alas,  however, I cannot eat them all!


GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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