The Big If

I've been sitting back, watching things develop, and reading all the opinions and prognostications along the way. There is a fair share of optimism and reallism being thrown about. Most predictions are based on one, all powerful word. If looms large in the potential fortune of the Broncos. There are currently almost as many ifs as there are players on the roster.

There are those that have no respect for if. I've heard all about it. It's been said, " Yeah , and if frogs had shorter legs, they'd bump their ass.", and all sorts of ways to blow if off. Personally, I hold if in higher esteem for what it can provide for my personal entertainment, which is often rooted in the success of my favorite franchise.

Lets look at the big if.

The offensive line may be the biggest if. If Clady and Harris come all the way back from injury, and if Walton and Beadles preform up to expectations, then the OL should be solid. If Polumbus fares better than last year, should Clady not make it back, then the running game should improve. Wow, that's a lot of ifs in one place.

The receiving corps has their fair share, as well. Trading Marshall won't hurt the team if Gaffney can fill the void, if Royal gets back on track, if Thomas and Decker can contribute right away, and if the scheme can compensate for the lack of a receiving tight end. (Uh oh, the ifs are beginning to fester and spread.)

Quarterback, anyone? If Orton can continue his annual improvement, he's more capable than most. If Tebow can be Tebow as a pro, he's destined for greatness. If Quinn can live up to his potential, he'll be a helluva backup. (Haha. I couldn't help it. When it's there, you have to run with it. Sorry, Brady.)

How about the defensive line? If Jamal Williams can stay healthy, if Chris Baker can emerge, if the added free agents have an impact, if Marcus Thomas can come into his own, and if McBean can continue his progress, then the inside linebackers will look better ( if DJ can improve by staying in the same position for two consecutive seasons).

Then there are the linebackers. Ayers general progress, Doom's run defense, DJ...

If Champ gets a new deal, and stays in top form, If the Phonze extricates his cranium from his gluteus maximus, if Cox can step in....

I think the DL and DBs are set for the short term, at least. My mind has the biggest ifs on the offensive side, though the D has a few looming in the background. What say you? How important is if for the upcoming season?  What's your biggest if?

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