RMT's Preseason Thoughts

I thought I would share a few bullet point thoughts on the upcoming Broncos season.  I also have some general comments about the NFL as well. 

Bronco Thoughts

Many of these thoughts are based upon things I've heard over the radio, or read in a paper or magazine. 

  • As devastating as losing Elvis Dumervil is, I am excited to hear Robert Ayers is stepping up.  I am predicting/hoping for 11 sacks this season.  No, it's not what Dumervil produced last year but it's a great year by any other standard. 
  • I thought before the draft that J.D. Walton was the best Center in the draft with his toughness and tenacity.  I was over the moon when the Broncos drafted him and I still think he's the best rookie center, apologies to Maurkice Pouncey who I'm sure is fantastic as well
  • However, Walton was not the steal of the draft for the Broncos, that honor goes to Perrish Cox thus far.  I've heard some people say that he was a 1st round or 2nd round talent. Champ Bailey has raved about him and he seems to make plays every day. 
  • Love Tebow or hate Tebow he is a distraction to how good the 2010 draft could end up being.  Thomas, Walton, Beadles, Cox, and Decker could all be solid contributors this year.  If Tebow works out this could be one of the best drafts ever. 
  • Kenny McKinley being put on IR avoids a tough decision for the coaching staff regarding WR.  I still think there is a numbers game here and someone really good might get cut.  Royal, Thomas and Decker are safe.  Gaffney and Lloyd are pretty safe, I think.  I don't know how you cut Willis with the camp he's had which leaves Stokley.  We probably will carry 6 active recievers to solve this.  This makes since given the extensive use of 3 reciever sets
  • Kyle Orton seems to have more zip on his passes from what I've seen. 
  • I also read in the Broncos Magazine that McDaniels now feels comfortable to call two plays in the huddle and let Orton make the decision at the LOS which one is best. 
  • Pat Bowlen is all class.  When Don Coryell died a reporter from San Diego said the Broncos were the only team that sent representatives to pay respects at the funeral.  Bowlen dispatched former Bronco great Billy Thompson to represent the Broncos.  Then when an ESPN producer recently passed away from cancer the Broncos were one of just 4 NFL teams that sent flowers as reported by Peter King. It's the little things that show touches of class 
  • Ryan Harris gets overshadowed by the other Ryan but in my opinion Harris is one of the best Tackles in the game. 
  • Before getting injured LenDale White was impressing the coaching staff
  • Tebow bashing annoys me, especially from radio guys.  All Tebow has ever done is win football games.  Let's not say it's not going to work out before seeing him play an NFL down. 
  • If I was in a fantasy league I'd take Orton in the late rounds.  Could be a steal.  I see close to 4,000 yards and 25 touchdowns this season.
  • Lonnie Paxton has the strongest arm I have ever seen.  Using flight-path algorithm, accounting for trajectory and distance, and using state of the art timing devices, his snaps have more force and velocity than Jay Cutler's or John Elway's passes. I made this up but I could see ESPN doing something ridiculous like this. 
  • Okay somebody cut off my kool-aid

NFL Thoughts

  • While I'm sure the rest of the country is sick of hearing about Tebow, I"m sick of hearing about Ryan Matthews and what a stud he will be.  He might be, but I kind of think it's terrible how they have been talking about a legend like LT.  Show some respect Bolts. 
  • Dear Brett Favre, I don't care anymore. 
  • Everyone is boasting about the Ravens and they should be because they have some nice pieces on offense.  However, they have serious problems in the secondary which has ignited Bronco-Bird trade talks.  I love Foxy but if he is one of your best CB's and he is on IR for the season, things are not looking good.  Injured Ed Reed doesn't help either. 
  • I think the Chiefs will surprise a lot of people with their improvement this year
  • So will the Redskins.  Shanahan will be 10-6 this year.
  • History says Chris Johnson will struggle this year or get injured because that's usually what RB do after a big year.  He won't gain 2000 yards but I think he will get 1800 so I don't see him struggling.   
  • LT=10 touchdowns with the Jets
  • Jamal Williams=No touchdowns for LT vs. the Broncos in Week 6
  • What is the over/under on all the NFL experts predicting a Cowboys vs. Chargers Superbowl.  Every year the number seems to be at least 5.  Maybe 7 or 8 this year?    
  • Tom Waddle on NFL network last night said Brandon Marshall has great hands.  What film is he watching.  Marshall has big strong hands yes, but is near the top of dropped passes.  I would think a possession reciever like Waddle would recognize this. 
  • BMarsh will have a great year

And now for your division winners

AFC EAST-Dolphins-Well coached and nice additions to the team

AFC NORTH-Bengals-Because the Steelers have off field issues and I think they'll just edge out the Ravens

AFC SOUTH-Texans-I know I know, don't tell me!

AFC WEST-Broncos-who did you think?

NFC EAST-Cowboys-sigh

NFC NORTH-Packers-Favre who?

NFC SOUTH-Saints-No SB letdown with this division

NFC WEST-49ers-Watch out for Crabtree-(Sounds like an STD)

Thanks for reading

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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