The Great GK's "Stupidest Things in the World"

Welcome to the Great Guesskowski's "Stupidest Things in the World", where I will look into my Crystal Ball and reveal those people, ideas, thoughts, and things that are just down right stupid.  Enjoy.

1.   Those who think the Bronco's season is over already.

Seriously?  Before even 1 single game?  Before even 1 single pre-season snap?  Before getting a chance to evaluate what kind of talent exists on the team... or how the team will get a chance to adjust to the injuries?  Those who are already writing off the Bronco's in 2010 are just plain stupid.  You know who you are...

Then again....

Sure Doom is an extremely valuable part of the Denver Broncosteam... but remember, he is not the whole team.  There are 52 other guys on the squad who also contribute to the success of the team.  Football is a team sport, probably one of the purest "team" sports in existence.  A football team's success has never been because of 1 single player... and if that is true, then a football team's failure has never been because of 1 single player either.  Sure it sucks, but the world isn't over and neither are the Broncos.


2.     Tim Tebow Haters.

So, you hate Tim Tebow?  Is it because the guy was quite possibly the best college football player in the history of college football?  It is because the guy has the humility to carry the vet's pads, take his "Friar Tuck" haircut with a smile, and give his team and his teammates the very best at all times, even in wind sprints at the end of practice.  Is it because the guy will give a large portion of his salary to charity, rather than spending it lavishly on himself?  Is it because he plays football with passion and character... like a real man... the way it was intended to be played? 

What is funny is that Tebow has not played one single down of NFL football, and yet people feel free to claim they can clearly see the future.  Those who hate Tebow probably predicted 3-13 for the Broncos last year too.  If your so clairvoyant, then go play the Lotto and let Tebow fail giving it his all.  Why do you care about him so much anyway?

3.     Tim Tebow Lovers.

So, you love Tim Tebow?  Hey... as I said earlier, the guy has not played one single down in the NFL.  Time for a reality check.  Tebow isn't your proto-typical QB, and if your honest, you have to admit that his "mechanics" as compared to those prototypical QB's, suck.  He isn't the most accurate passer.  He doesn't throw a real pretty ball.  His delivery takes forever, and He is a rookie QB in every sense of the word.  He isn't quite NFL ready just yet.

So if you love the Broncos... and want them to have the very best season possible, then you have got to stop clamoring for Tim Tebow to be the starter this season... just because you are a Tebow fan or a Gator's fan.  At least not until he shows the world something in a real, NFL game.  Until then, your just being as stupid as the "haters" than claim he is already a bust.  Now... see #4.

4.     The guy who sat behind me at the Invesco Practice... and all those who agree with him... -

Why is it that the stupidest people always seem to have to shout their ignorance.

Orton throws a slightly underthrown ball... still complete. 

Man:  "@$#%$!  Kyle Orton Sucks!"

Orton throws a perfect ball over the middle.

Man:  "That is probably as far as $#%@ Orton can throw"

Orton throws a screen pass... as called by the coach.

Man:  "Put In %$@#@!% BRADY QUINN!"

Why can't Kyle Orton get any love.  If you have attended any of the training camp practices, and aren't the idiot that was sitting behind me, then you would clearly be able to see that Kyle Orton is by far the best QB on the roster... Right now.  That is not to say that Brady Quinnor Tim Tebow may not become the better QB as some point, but right now... there is really no competition.  Again, if you really want the Broncos to be the best team possible, then you need to wise up and embrace Orton as our starting QB.

Kyle is a smart, tough, accurate QB, that has experience in the system.  McDaniels himself says that he makes great decisions and gets the team out of bad plays almost 99% of the time.  And before you say that he has no arm, you had better go and watch a practice or two.  The analysis from my own two eye's is that Orton has as strong an arm as any QB on the team.  Those who say such things are just stupid.  Orton can make every throw. 

Who knows why, but Kyle Orton has gotten about as much mis-information floating around about him as Roswell has about Aliens and Area 51.  The fact is that Orton is a pretty good QB... and is playing the best football of his career.  If Orton plays better than in 2009 (which all signs seem to be pointing towards), then it should be a very good season indeed.


I had to throw these next two in... you just can't make this stuff up.


5.   The Raider's Dairus Hayward Bey -

From the guys at ProFootballTalk:

In a recent interview with KNBR in San Francisco, Heyward-Bey talked about his experiences as an NFL rookie.

"I think the best thing that happened to me as a rookie was playing every game and starting every game," Heyward-Bey said.  "That was something that a lot of rookies don't get to do."

He's right.  Not a lot of rookies get to play every game and start every game.  And, as it turns out, Heyward-Bey didn't, either.

As the guys at have pointed out, Heyward-Bey
played in only 11 gameslast year.  Heyward-Bey missed the final five games of the season.

Du- um.  Dumb.

And the bad thing is... Hayward Bey is the smartest guy in the whole Raiders organization.


6.     Kansas City's Chris Chambers -

From the guys at FanNation's Truth and Rumor's site -

Ex-Dolphins receiver Chris Chambers, now with the Chiefs, married Stacey Bernice Saunders in Las Vegas recently.


Only because in 2009 Chambers filed 11 separate stalking/harrassment complaints against the woman, who apparently hadn't taken well to Chris breaking off their extramarital affair.

Seriously?  Marry your stalker?

I guess if you can't shake 'Em... Marry 'Em. 

(surprised that he didn't marry Champ, because he couldn't shake him either last season.)  Ba Dum CHING!

Have an awesome day.... and remember... don't become one of the "Stupidest Things in the World"!

Go Broncos!

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