Another Training Camp Pictorial (v2.0)

As promised, I put together another set of pictures from Training Camp. I will walk you through the action on what we are seeing. Most of this came from the first week of Training Camp. I am still looking for the rest of them. I believe the Digital Camera's Memory card is hiding them. Anyway, this is here and now and there is no time like the present. As a courtesy to the Blackberry and iPod gang, the pictures will begin after the jump.

This is the 2nd Unit Offense practicing running drills.

There is 3rd round draft pick Eric Decker, waiting for his turn to run a warm up route for the Quarterbacks.

Wesley Woodyard and Darcel McBath take a breather while the 2nd Special Teams Unit works.

Matthew Willis prepares to run a pass route.

Daniel Graham is a big Dude, but not as big as Ryan McBean (98).

Matt Prater gets ready to send the Scout Team after an onside kick.

Brady Quinn running a passing drill.

The entire Offense huddling up for the installation of a play.

Tim Tebow passes to a ball boy during the Quarterback's warm up period.

The Quarterbacks warm up segment with the Wide Receivers.

Jabar Gaffney and DeMaryius Thomas running Sideline-to-sideline wind sprints at the end of practice.

Wide Receiver Eric Decker running wind sprints.

Rich Tuten watches the team during their jogging warm ups.

More team jogging warm ups.

The quarterbacks throw to the ball boy early in each days practice.

They throw quite a few balls before starting the 7 on 7 drills.

The Scout team prepares to rush the Punter.

Okay, NOW they're ready to rush the Punter.

Part of the Hop, Skip and Jump segment.

Correll Buckhalter checks out Brady Quinn's new dance move.

Britton Colquitt holds for a 43 yard Matt Prater Field Goal Attempt.

LeKevin Smith lags behind Mario Haggan and Champ Bailey during wind sprints.

Alphonso Smith, Cassius Vaughn, Syd'Quan Thompson, Josh Barrett, David Bruton and Nate Jones run wind sprints.
Well, that's it for now. until I find the next batch or take more pictures. I hope you enjoyed more of what I saw during Training Camp practice.

Go Broncos!

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