Whack 'em (roster cuts)


Update:  The only cuts that some have questioned in the comments are Jarvis Green, Jamie Kirlew and Anthony Carter (v. keeping Alphonso Smith).  Some did not think Matthew Willis deserves to be on the bubble (v.  Brandon Lloyd or Brandon Stokely).

All right, we've seen 'em in practice and in preseason (in some cases they could not even get on the field) .  We have an idea of who stays and who goes right? What are your thoughts on this?  

Here are mine briefly.  Basically, we have a ways to go to winnow the linebackers and running backs as a result of injuries, so I'm not making deep cuts there yet..  But I think I have a handle on the rest.  My take is the Broncos will have plenty of new blood, including rookies, right on or near the front lines, and will want to balance that with vets.

Offense: Here are ten easy ones and three bubbly players.

OL: Seth Olsen and Eric Olsen, Kirk Barton and Paul Duncan.  It is hard to flash at this position, but they have been remarkably invisible for such big guys.

WR: Patrick Carter,  Britt Davis and Alric Arnett can pack their bags now.  I think eventually Willis, who is not beating out Lloyd and Stokely, will have to go as soon as eveyone is healthy.  In the meantime, Willis gets one more chance, and if he drops the next bomb right on his mitts, his dream is probably over.

RB: Toney Baker couldn't make it on to the field so he is gone. From what I saw in practice,  I'd be hard pressed to keep Ball and Hall, two completely ordinary looking backs (although Hall is Studebaker's pet), over White and Fargas, but I'm not ready to pull the trigger until I can see all four in game action.

TE: Riar Greer and Nathan Overbay, go home.  The second tight end is a situational position, and the staff is high on Richard Quinn and Marquez Branson, who offer a couple of diverse options, and you are no better than Branson.

Defense:  Here are eight who come up short and two for the bubble:

DL: Jarvis Green, Jeff Stehle and Ben Garland.  Green doesn't play both end and tackle like Marcus Thomas, and he can't even crack the second line.  Stehle got to play against Cincy, but did not flash.  Garland has another calling.

LB: Pack it up Devin Bishop, you are not highly regarded.  I'm putting Jammie Kirlew right on the bubble with Kevin Alexander. Good motor or no,  Kirlew just does not look strong at all and Alexander outshone him v. Cincy.  That can't be good, because all the veterans looked much better and I think the Broncos are going to err on the side of NFL experience.  Kirlew supposedly has a good motor, and Alexander has lovely physical gifts, but that just makes them interesting practice squad guys.  They are not going to make up any of the loss  of Doom production.  At least the veterans Mays (looks like a disruptive force) and Atkins (veteran smarts) might.

DB: Goodbye, Tony Carter, Sy'd Quan Thompson, Cassius Vaughn and Kyle McCarthy.  Carter had his big moment last year (v. Indy?), but he is short and by no means even a mediocore tackler, and there are plenty of those guys on the roster right now.  Thompson did not make enough of his opportunity in practice to work his way on the field in preseason.  Vaughn may be a one trick pony (returns), and is very green as a back, I don't see him taking up a roster spot.  At least McCarthy can tackle, but I don't think he brings enough to the table.

As I said, I am interested in your take.  Come on, make an argument that I'm wrong, defend your man!

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