Sadaraine's Thoughts - No BS takes on our 1st game

Let me echo the main thought I've been seeing around our most glorious blog:  MAN IT IS GREAT THAT FOOTBALL SEASON HAS STARTED!  For those of you who don't know me, I'm one of the resident bloggers here at MHR (the greatest sports blog on the planet).  I typically throw up a Fanpost after each game giving my thoughts and perspectives.  It is a popular thing to do.  My thing is no BS.  I'm not going to dress up one player over another because I like them.  I'm not going to just bag on Tebow because I don't like him.  Here goes...

Thoughts on the Starters:

  • I'm a very happy Bronco fan that Orton is our starter.  Not every game is going to look as good as his 1st quarter performance, but he shows that he is very comfortable in our offense.  For the haters out there, he still has an arm.  Yeah he mainly used it for a big pass that was a horrible decision, but at least he got it where it needed to go accurately and quickly (Orton man...don't throw into double coverage man!).
  • RBs:  ???  Uhm...they didn't play and we didn't use them.  No comment so far.
  • O-Line:  They looked good for a new group of guys, but the few times they did run the ball I was quite unimpressed with their play.  Pass protection was pretty darned decent.  Glad our rookie starters were thrown to the wolves for the whole game.  It will serve them well I think
  • WR:  Lloyd needs to go.  I don't care how good he does in TC, he doesn't perform in games.  I am much more interested in keeping Willis instead of Lloyd to be honest.
  • Champ is the freakin man.  I'm one of the guys that thinks he should switch to safety soon, but if he can play like that all season, no rush at all.  The guy was just sick and wrong on so many levels.
  • Very unimpressed with the play of our front 7 on defense.  Granted, we are missing a couple starters, but with the scheme we have, I would expect better play.  Especially our me it didn't look like they did a good job of collapsing the pocket.

Thoughts on the rest:

  • Quinn was horrible.  I think we may see him slip to 3rd string soon.  His accuracy (or lack thereof) was unacceptable.  His INT was the worst kind.  He locked on the receiver and then lobbed the ball.  If he would have put some mustard on it, he might have had a better result, but you can't do that in the NFL.  He better pick up his game and fast or he will be going nowhere fast.
  • WRs:  Willis had one bad drop, but had multiple other very good plays.  I like the potential of this kid.  Count me in as a Willis fan.  I will be cheering him on to make the team. 
    • There isn't much I would keep from our other new bodies (except for our rookies that didn't play of course).  They didn't look good, didn't catch well...not much to be excited about.
  • O-line:  I hope the rest of our O-line stays healthy because the back-ups stunk.
  • Cox looked like a rookie CB with decent potential.  He isn't ready yet, but he isn't garbage.
  • Phonz also looked like a rookie CB, but I'm not seeing much potential from this performance.  He played the run okay, but he looked full of weak-sauce.  Unless he steps it up, I really think the right choice will be to let him go and keep Carter and Cox for our DB corp.
  • Alexander and Atkins looked really good...can they do it working against a 1st team though?  That is what you need to remember as a fan.  They definitely look good to make the team so far, but I don't think either one is going to be the savior for our LB group based off a preseason game against scrubs.
  • The back-up safeties looked pretty unimpressive to me.  They were there, but they didn't play at a high level.
  • That can be said of the whole group...the 2nd and 3rd stringers looked too timid and lacked effort.
  • Tebow had quite the solid game (and for those of you who are new, I'm probably one of his biggest critics on the site...I was quite against us drafting him as high as we did)
    • I most liked how accurate he was with the ball...he made some GREAT throws for a rookie and put the ball right where it needed to be time after time (now if only the WRs would actually catch them...)
    • Just to bring the Tebow kool-aid drinkers back to reality:  His throwing mechanics are still screwed.  Make no mistake.  He hasn't reprogrammed his muscles yet.  That long wind-up is going to earn him some fumbles if he doesn't get it fixed.  It is a good thing that so far it looks like we have plenty of time to keep working on this.
    • People keep harping on him running it in for the TD.  I for one loved it.  Is there additional risk? Sure, but he gave as good as he got.  That safety will remember that hit for sure.  I think it is a useful thing to have an athletic QB like Tebow.  I'm actually flirting with the idea of keeping both Orton and Tebow long-term as being a Good Idea (TM).  Let's see what the rest of you think about that.

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