The Real QB Controversy: Playmaker vs. Efficient Player

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As the schism widens (as mentioned by Orange and Blue) there is a clear reason why.   Tim Tebow is a playmaker and Kyle Orton is an efficient player.    There is a difference.     This will become more and more apparent throughout the preseason.  I see Tebow moving up to the second string very soon.  So we should see both QBs get a lot of playing time in the next two games.   As that happens you will see Tebow make more wow plays.  You will also see Kyle operate within the system with good efficiency.



Kyle’s performance


Kyle Orton looked good.   Not great.   Not amazing, but efficient.    I think everyone who  is getting really excited over Kyle Orton is a good thing.   However, I didn’t see where Orton 2010 was any different than Orton 2009.   He is a good efficient QB.  He knows the offense makes good reads and delivers the ball.   As long as everything works the way it ii supposed to Kyle can drive the Denver offense down the field. 


Enter the Schism


The problem I have, and think a lot of Tebow-ans (Blue and Orange) have, is that when a play breaks down Orton can’t make something happen.  Both scoring drives that Kyle led were allowed to continue because of Bengal penalties.  All of the drives that Kyle led were shorter passes.   Does this sound familiar?  There was nothing new about Orton in this preseason game.  As long as everything falls in place he does  a great job of taking what the defense gives him and marching a team.   The trouble is plays break down and then instincts and athletic ability have to take over.


Drive 1 – Touchdown

This was the big play for Kyle Orton.  He hit Brandon Lloyd in the middle of the defense for 31 yards.  Kyle is able to do this early in a game and then he goes back to dink and dunk.  I am beginning to thin that this is more Kyle than play calling.  He did it in several games last year where the big play came on first down and usually the first play of the quarter.   He did it against San Diego when coming in for Simms.  He also did it against Washington in the same manner. 


The first scoring drive was allowed to continue on 3rd and 6 because Denver got a roughing the passer call.   The Bengals were blitzing and Kyle did what Kyle always does.  He freaked out because the play broke down and tried to force a pass to Daniel Graham which was almost intercepted, but fell incomplete.  The Bengals Defensive Tackle fell into Orton and they got a break with the call.  The next play Orton threw a short five yard pass that Eddie Royal took the remaining seven yards in for the score. 




Drive 2 – 3 and out

Kyle did this a lot last year.   He found himself in a third down situation because his previous short pass only netted him six yards.   To be fair to Kyle he had a very good throw that was dropped by Brandon Lloyd on his first play.  Though this type of play gets at the root of the issue most have with Kyle Orton. 


How far is four yards?

When plays break down and things don’t go your way can you make something happen.  On third on four, Kyle Orton had not one thought in his mind to run for a first down.  He simply went back stood up and threw an incomplete pass.  This may be acceptable for many Bronco Fans, but not everyone.   For those of you who may have forgotten the math four yards is a mere twelve feet.  The average person at a running pace takes three to four feet steps, or one yard, at a time.   Kyle Orton at 6’2 is two yards long himself.  So the equations below should illustrait the ridiculous frustration many a Bronco nation has with Kyle Orton on a third and four situation.


X + Y =4 yards on 3rd down

X = Kyle Orton falling forward = 2 yards

4 yards  - X (Kyle Orton falling forward) =  2 yards


Y  = 2 running steps  = 2 yards

Y (2 running steps) + X (Kyle falling forward) = 4 yards on 3rd down



Drive 3 – Touchdown

Again this was a drive that was allowed to continue by a penalty.  This is what worries me about Orton and why I didn’t see anything incredibly special about the scoring drive.  Really all that happened is an official decided to pick on a defensive back for a 40 yard call.  It’s a 50/50 if you get the call in a game.  The throw was behind the receiver forcing him to come back to the ball.  If it was a great pass Matt Willis would have caught that ball in stride because the ball was thrown better, he would have had a chance to score.  Again this was on third down.  The result of two incomplete pass attempts by Orton.  Orton was able to execute three short passes 10, 7, and 6 yards for a score.  Again this is the typical




3rd down conversion by Penalties

If the refs weren’t generous the staring offense would have had a only three points on the board.  I caution anyone getting excited about drives that have their biggest play be third down penalties.


Kyle ran the offense efficiently

Beyond the first play of the game Kyle threw good short passes.  Kyle can run an offense well.  On the plus side I want to mention that Orton did convert his only attempts in the Red Zone.  This is where the improvement will be apparent for Orton this year.


Kyle Orton is a statue



Enter Tim Tebow


Drive 1 – 3 and out

Tim completed his first NFL pass to the TE on a fairly easy play. Next a running play was called that of course went for no gain.  Kyle Orton has the same problem with the first team offense as well.  (Note: If Denver had a top notch running game Kyle Orton would be able to lead more scoring drives) .  The third down pass to Matt Willis fell incomplete.  Note that the pass was for a big play deep.  I think this is significant as on third downs it appears that Tebow prefers to make big plays on third down. 



Drive 2

Tebow on third and fourth tries for the big play again to Matt Willis.  The play was an almost spectacular 50 yard bomb to a striding Matt Willis.  The throw was perfect and in Willis’ hands he just dropped it.  It may have gone for the score, but we’ll never know.  The key about this throw was that it was a big play that Tebow can execute.  If say one of the first stringers, or one of the Rookies were running that rout the play would happen.  I think Demaryius Thomas and Decker would like a shot at that throw a couple of times a game.  So Tebow playing with third string wide receivers has another third and out.  Another big shot on third down.  I


Drive 3

This drive Tebow completes his first NFL third down conversion.  It is for 21 yards off of a scramble to the right.  Why I am becoming such a Tebow fan is that this is fun to watch.  Third down is fun again.  The next set of downs showed where Tebow is not up to par with Orton.  The Bengals broght the blitz like crazy and sacked Tebow twice including a fumble returned for a touchdown that Tebow was lucky to have overturned by the officials.   The second blitz Tebow should have recognized and gotten rid of the ball sooner or ran to the right away from the blitz.  He will know it on Monday when he sees the film.  I expect Tebow to get better at blitz recognition, but I will count his against him until he corrects it.


Drive 4

The two minute drill.  This is where the schism broke open like the floodgates of Superman 2.  The excitement and willpower of Tebow to win is why Tebow-ans and Orton-ers will continue on this and many other blogs.  I don’t believe Orton has this in him.  Tebow does.   On this drive which in all other universes would be meaningless, Tebow drove the Broncos down for a touchdown with 1 minute and 9 seconds on the clock.   He completed four straight passes for 66 yards to get to eh Bengals seven yard line with 12 seconds remaing.  He threw one pass in the endzone that was almost caught .  The next play was what the difference of Orton and Tebow, a scramble for a touchdown.  Not only did Tebow score on the run, but he knocked out the linebacker in the process.  I like having a QB that hurts linebackers.



1. The Learning Process continues

Tebow has to recognize blitzes better and get that ball out of his hands.  I hope this is not a habit.  Orton is much better in this aspect.  He know where to go on a blitz and that it has to happen quickly.  Also, the first couple of drives allowed for Tebow to get his feet wet.   I like what I had seen on the last drive and need to see more.


2. The Playmaker

On several plays on the last drive Tebow made a play that wasn’t drawn up.  Something that we have missed in Denver over the 2009 season.  Jay Cutler had that ability to do that, but he was also a schlep.  Tebow moves in the pocket well and runs when he is in trouble.  He is also pretty accurate while on the run.  Tebow makes plays.   That is the difference in many games and what


I lean to the left when watching him play

Is it just me or does it seem really weird watching a QB with a left throwing arm.  This is not so apparent when he is dropping back, but when Tebow runs out of the pocket.  It just seems backwards and a actually lean to the left. 




Kyle Orton completions.

31 yards (14:55) 8-K.Orton pass deep middle to 10-J.Gaffney to CIN 41 for 31 yards (41-C.Ndukwe).

4 yards (14:18) 8-K.Orton pass short right to 35-L.Ball to CIN 37 for 4 yards (22-J.Joseph).

8 yards (13:46) 8-K.Orton pass short right to 85-M.Branson to CIN 29 for 8 yards (58-R.Maualuga).

12 yards(12:26) (Shotgun) 8-K.Orton pass short middle to 19-E.Royal for 12 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

6 yards (7:30) (Shotgun) 8-K.Orton pass short left to 10-J.Gaffney to DEN 40 for 6 yards (24-A.Jones).

10 yards (2:33) 8-K.Orton pass short right to 84-B.Lloyd to CIN 15 for 10 yards (29-L.Hall).

7 yards (1:58) 8-K.Orton pass short left to 84-B.Lloyd pushed ob at CIN 8 for 7 yards (29-L.Hall).

6 yards (1:04) 8-K.Orton pass short left to 84-B.Lloyd for 6 yards, TOUCHDOWN.



 Tim Tebow Completions

5 yards (4:39) 15-T.Tebow pass short left to 85-M.Branson to DEN 40 for 5 yards (93-M.Johnson).

7 yards (12:00) 15-T.Tebow pass short right to 17-B.Davis to DEN 32 for 7 yards (20-Da.Jones) [96-C.Dunlap

6 yards (5:23) (Shotgun) 15-T.Tebow pass short middle to 29-B.Hall to DEN 22 for 6 yards (52-A.Hodge) [96-C.Dunlap].

21 yards (4:45) (Shotgun) 15-T.Tebow pass deep right to 82-A.Arnett pushed ob at DEN 43 for 21 yards (20-Da.Jones).

17 yards (1:09) (Shotgun) 15-T.Tebow pass short left to 29-B.Hall to DEN 44 for 17 yards (34-K.Hebert).

9 yards (:47) (Shotgun) 15-T.Tebow pass short middle to 29-B.Hall to CIN 47 for 9 yards (54-V.Rey).

7 yards (:40) (Shotgun) 15-T.Tebow pass short middle to 85-M.Branson to CIN 40 for 7 yards (54-V.Rey; 20-Da.Jones).

33 yards (:20) (Shotgun) 15-T.Tebow pass deep right to 17-B.Davis pushed ob at CIN 7 for 33 yards (34-K.Hebert).


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