Cottage Review: Preseason Week 1

I was at a cottage for a couple of days with my laptop and the tape of the Bengals game.  I normally make my notes by hand, but chose to fill my time by typing them out for this game and have decided to post them for anyone interested to read. 

these notes are only for:

LG Beadles
C Walton

CB Smith

ILB Mays

DL Thomas

I added other miscellaneous notes at the end


My tape starts at 6:36 remaining in the first quarter.  score is 7-0 Broncos

Not all plays for these players are listed.  While that is partly due to only having the broadcast angle.  I have also chosen to leave out what can be considered typical plays.  These notes are of exceptional plays, and exceptionally poor plays. 

The time left in the quarter is listed at the beginning of each note, with the quarter in brackets.  I also made a running tab of Alphonso Smith's coverage assignments that I could see.  For that the first number is the number of completions, the second number is the number of attempts thrown his way and the third number is the number of yards the passes went for.


there is also a running tab for Smith and Mays on missed tackles MT= X  with x being the number of tackles missed.


Also please keep this in mind.  I am not a professional scout, I do however have an extensive background in football.  I give some very favourable evaluations to some of these players.  These evaluations are fair and honest with limited bias (I wish I could say no bias, but the very fact that I am a Broncos fan means that I have a bias ingrained in me), and if the player plays well then they deserve a favourable evaluation.  If you are the type of person who is going to bash a guy like Alphonso no matter what, then please bring with you evidence such as the time of the play that you are mentioning.  I have watched this tape 3 times and everything in here is exactly as it happened, and all of my opinions are formed based on re-watching each play numerous times.


3:15 (1st) - 5 man rush.  does not block anyone or double on anyone.  clearly blown assignment


1:38 (1st) - run play right over the LG.  Blows Peko(94) up.  Peko finally falls down after being pushed back 4 yards from line of scrimmage.


7:56 (2nd) - pass play and he attempts to chop the D-lineman and misses badly.


4:31 (2nd) - pulls around the play from Left Guard to between the Right guard and Right tackle.  Lead blocker, excellent contact on LB.  Impressive athleticism


10:08 (3rd) - misses block very badly on running play




3:2? (1st) - Failed screen pass.  Walton gets out front and makes excellent chop block on Roy Williams (31).  cuts him right down.


3:15 (1st) - player lined up on top of center runs a stunt around the outside of the right guard.  Walton fans on initial punch but follows around back to create the hole that Orton steps up into.


3:08 (1st) - run play up middle, Peko? (94) rip moves Walton and fills hole to make tackle for 3 yard gain.  poor play by Walton.


5:10 (2nd) - excellent seal of the hole on run play up the middle.  Continues through block and completely man handles defender (#69)


1:49 (2nd) - screen pass.  defender (#59) cuts right past Walton and makes the tackle.  very poor play for Walton


0:32 (2nd) - loses block on defender (#92) which forces Quinn to roll out of the pocket.  whiffed on the block


11:13 (3rd) - pushed back by defender, causes mess of the running play.


3:36 (4th) - brutal snap out of the shotgun



2-2 26yds

MT= 3


2:35 (2nd) - excellent coverage on this play, the underneath receiver was completely eliminated by Smith and ball was forced over the top incomplete to Shipley (perrish cox man)


14:47 (3rd) - missed tackle on run play, but there was holding on the play so it is not added to the tally


14:00 (3rd) - screen pass.  pathetic attempt at a down field tackle.  open field dance move tackle initiated at 32 yard line.  Scott is tackled later by Smith at 39 yard line of DEN.  29 yard mistake.


6:40 (3rd) - over the slot this time, excellent coverage again




MT= 4


13:48 (2nd) - run play on third and 1 over the offensive right tackle.  Mays comes into hole untouched, lowers his head and completely misses ball carrier.  not even close to Bernard Scott (28).  horrible play.


1:15 (3rd) - over pursues allowing cut back for big gain





6:27 (1st) -  1-on-1 with center, excellent initial punch and rip


10:20 (2nd) -  run play up the middle, rips defender very nicely in the hole, and defender (#62) is forced to hold resulting in a penalty.



Jamal Williams gets excellent push on pass downs.  He collapses the pocket exceptionally well


- Robert Ayers also gets elite push on his bullrush.  With him and Jamal Williams forcing the pocket right into the QBs face, it kills me to imagine what Dumervil screaming off the edge would have done for this defense.


- I have read some complaints about the quick throws like last season.  On the second scoring drive there was a quick pass to Lloyd at 1:57 with the ball on the 15 and then the TD pass.  Both of those plays were run plays.  Those passes were checks made between Orton and Lloyd.  The offensive line is run blocking all the way on these plays


-  It is tough to imagine Lloyd being cut after what I saw from him in this game.  Him and Orton were on the same page, and the TD check between them was just a look from Orton, no signal that I could see.


- Marcus Thomas really flashed all over this tape.  He will make this team without a question if this is how he has been playing in practice and how he continues to play.


-  During the Bengals first scoring drive when it was their starters against our #2 defense.  Alphonso had excellent coverage on his plays and Carson did not look to his side of the field except for the 8 yard curl at the start of the drive.


- fumbled snap at 3:42 left in second quarter between Walton and Quinn.  It is impossible for me to tell who is at fault for this play.


- Chris Baker has made some nice plays, however it is late in the game and against very poor offensive lineman.  It is nice to see him on the field though and not being invisible.


- I can not get over how feisty Walton is.  When he gets his technique sound (and its not bad at all right now) with that mean feisty streak he is going to be an absolute beast.  Barring injury he could very easily be one of my top 5 favourite Broncos to watch on tape by seasons end.  Watching him in this game was a pleasure because of that feisty meanness


- Anyone who says that Beadles and Walton had a bad game, has no clue what they are talking about.  These 2 guys played well.  They were not excellent, and their mistakes are noted above.  However the conclusion from this first preseason game is that they will be absolutely fine.  They will make mistakes like all rookies do, but they are clearly from this evidence on the path to being excellent starters.  This O-line will probably not be fully healthy until next year.....but Clady, Beadles, Walton, Kuper, Harris if healthy is going to be the best line this team has had in as long as I can remember.


- Darcel Mcbath surprised me with his run support.  I will re-watch the game attempting to focus on him alone, but it is difficult to observe the secondary from the TV  broadcast tape.  However I noticed him around the ball carrier a couple times and this is very reassuring for life after Dawkins down the road.


- So here it is.  I'm going to preface this again with the warning that if you are a Alphonso hater then you better come with an educated evidence based reason with respect to this game.  It is always amazing to me to watch the games over and over again.  I went into this thinking that I was going to tear Alphonso apart.  However he played excellent.  let me repeat, Alphonso Smith was head and shoulders above Cox and in this game they were not even in the same league as one another.  The missed tackle on the screen play was just plain Cromartie-esque and another of his missed tackles was inconsequential.  All in all this game is about as good as I would have ever imagined Smith playing.  This is only one game, and I will certainly be watching him extremely closely on the next games tape.


-  On the note of how funny it is watching tape and debunking your initial thoughts.  I went into this thinking that Mays played well and was all over the field.  Well he was all over the field missing tackles.  He shows a lot of promise because he is clearly athletic and has a knack for the ball, but he needs a ton of work in tackling and he really did not have a good game at all.


Perrish Cox played horrible.  Nothing else can be said about it.  I have not been to any training camp practices, but I have read all the reports, so this will just be put in the "first NFL live action ever" file.  I'm looking forward to watching him play in the next game.

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