What it means to be a PearlJamBroncoGFunk

Hey everybody!  I was intending to do a post with many-a pictures from my training camp experiences, but alas, I left part of my camera bag in Colorado.  Now I must simply post and share some experience and thoughts. Please enjoy after the joke and the jump.

I don't have a girlfriend, I just know a woman who would get really mad if she heard me say that. (Mitch Hedberg)

Man, what a great experience after making the 530 + mile journey from Wichita, to attend the first week of training camp!  I was amongst the record breaking crowd on August first, for the AM Camp.  That seemed to be the crowd, with the most people focused on Tebow in it, out of all the days of Training Camp I attended.  All in all, it was somewhat disheartening to see so many Tebow jerseys, and the way it seems, many only cared about him. I saw one other person besides myself with an Orton jersey the whole week, that was the disheartening part, the lack of support Orton gets in such a great football town.

I chose to post today, because of Orton's extension.  It doesn't guarantee he'll be a Bronco next season, but a man can hope.  I have a strong feeling Tim won't be quite ready for a starting position next season, so Kyle very well could still be it.

I can't help but wonder what kind of turn around We'd see in the fan base about Kyle, were he to lead Us to a Super Bowl this year.  And it's literally hilarious how so many keep acting like that's impossible!!! That irks the hell out of me.  It is never impossible for ANY team to make the super bowl in a given year, in case you haven't noticed, crazy stuff happens in the NFL... Like the Buccanneers winning a Super Bowl. Who, that lived through the 70's and 80's thought THAT would ever happen, ha ha.  (not a Mitch Hedberg joke)

After watching the first week of Camp (I attended from Aug. 1st - the Mile High scrimmage (the 7th), which I don't know why they call it a scrimmage, it's just like the practices at Dove Valley, but I digress), I can plainly see that Kyle is performing like he is going to have a(nother) great season. Crisp passes, and very consistent.  Not that he doesn't let a throw get away from him now and again.  I guess a big thing that bugs me, what many seem not to realize, is Kyle is a very cerebral quarterback.  When he throws the ball away, 9 times out of 10, that was the best play possible from what the opposition was making available.  And remember, every time he has had to throw it away (and every time from here on out), he's learning that he should have switched the play - be it to a run, or just a different pass play, he's learning more about opposing players/teams/schemes constantly.  Kyle learns from his experiences and many seem to miss that.  Remember last preseason?  Then he went how many passes without throwing a pick?  To be concise, I am very happy to have such a humble and talented quarterback at the helm.

When it comes to Quinn and Tebow, I could very much see Tim taking the second string spot either before, or sometime during the season.  Brady just isn't very consistent.  He made some stellar throws at camp, but he made a few more scary ones.  The preseason game against the Bengals was very similar to the level of performance that I witnessed in Camps.

I met Kaptain Kirk a couple times, and saw him a few more at Camps. His contributions here are never unnoticed or under-appreciated, and I hope it stays that way. 

Throughout the week, I was able to procure four autographs; Robert Ayers, Mario Haggan, Ronald Fields and Wayne Nunnely.  Not a bad group of autos.  I just happened to be getting Robert Ayers auto, on the practice field sideline, when Tim Tebow came back out to run down the autograph line, giving everyone high fives (with his left hand even).  I looked at Robert as everyone was rushing over to where Tim was starting (because they obviously thought he was signing), and said "Looks like you're about to get left alone" and he laughed and looked over (forty yards away, or so) at Tim and said "He loves this stuff man". I thanked all four players for their efforts, and to Ron and Wayne I said how good it is to have them in the right colors.  All in all, I wouldn't mind making TC a yearly habit, as long as the Tebow freaks go back into the woodwork.  Don't get me wrong, there was the post the other day about this... I am of the mindset that I just hope they learn to support the other people in the Broncos' organization, not just Tim, not even just the other players too.  Support "The Broncos" if you consider yourself a fan.  That's all I ask.

August 18th was my 30th birthday.  I missed a call, and upon checking the voice mail (and my email a little later) I found my name was up for the waiting list for season tickets!!!  I understood that you had to have a $500 deposit, per seat, upon purchase and intended to get two seats, ready with $1,000 of available credit card room.  Unfortunately, the rest of the money needs to be paid before the first game of the regular season.  Talk about getting my hopes up.... Man, that hurt more than anything.  I could have swore they'd have some finance package.  Well, they do, but only if you get the call near the end of the season/ just after the season... Then you can finance it as long as it is paid before the first game. So my next mission is to save up $5,000 or so, so I can cover the $1,000 deposit and the $4,600 for two seats, almost in one swift payment, when and if my name comes up again.  So it was a really really good Birthday, then the day after when I made the call back, thinking I was making the payment arrangements, was not so great a day.  I suppose it's not all that horrible since I won't have monetary fundage to move back to Colorado for another year or so, but I could've went one season as a season ticket holder, and not made it to every game - I know plenty of people Bronco fans who would have used (maybe not paid for) the tickets I was not able to make it out for, I would rather give them away if I can't make it, than sell them to a potential opposing team's fan(s).  Apparently it wasn't meant to be quite yet.  I'll get over it. Eventually. Unless anyone has some legitimate suggestions of how to make $4,500 in less than a month.  ( =

To conclude, I will share what I feel it means to be... Well.... Me.

Far too often am I a selfless person.  I always try to consider other people and what my actions will/may do to impact them.  I have learned where to draw the line, but I try to apply the golden rule to EVERYONE I encounter; how would I want to be treated were I them.  Granted, because of opinion/taste, sometimes you could be dead wrong about how that particular person wants to be treated and therefore the golden rule backfires, but intentions count for a lot, unless consequence outweighs intention. This is going somewhere I promise....

I also apply that consideration to football fans.  I don't dislike or despise anyone just because of the team they root for (no matter how much I hate the Raiders).  Nor do I feel it appropriate to call other teams' names such as the chefs or the faders - in those fans' presence!!  Sure if we're commenting on a post here, amongst other Bronco fans, that's one thing - but to go to AP and call them the chefs is just childish (to say the least).  You see, I first learned this by other people doing it to me (the donkies, etc.) - and that doesn't make me feel great, so there is NOT ONE GOOD REASON I would want to be responsible for making someone else feel that way, even if it's not really a big deal, I won't be that dude.   The main reason I respect (besides it being natural and just and true... And common sense) is because these opposing teams' fans could well be a fan of their team for the EXACT reasons I'm a fan of mine... Like, maybe they like the Vikings because of how much I like Rod Smith, just kidding, but hopefully an example isn't really necessary to illustrate that point.

There are no words or actions to prove how much you love your team (okay, being present and cheering are two obvious ones, but I'm going deeper man).  Buying the merchandise doesn't prove anything other than that you have money.  Only each of us truly knows how much yourself loves Our team, and it shouldn't be something you feel a need to PROVE, but a need to share.  That is another facet of faith (no, faith doesn't only concern religion), I have the faith that the Bronco fan(s) I discuss the team with, loves Them as much as I do. Not more, not less, perhaps in a slightly different way, but I let (sometimes make) myself believe it is equivalent. This ensures that there are no feelings of inferiority going in either direction. That whole "#1 fan" thing throws me off too.... How can anyone be so arrogant?  I don't take it very seriously, but they need to stop making those signs/posters/banners/mugs/whatever.  If there was such a thing, no one could top the Barrel Man. And of the living fans, I'd say no one could top Mr. Bowlen. And again, money has nothing to do with that measure.

Another facet, some may have noticed, is I feel the need to capitalize the first letter when referencing the fan base, or the team, or the organization.  i.e. When We go to the super bowl.... How many of Us will it take to get Gradishar into the hall.... I wrote a letter to Them to inform of Our apparent progress toward three consecutive championships.  It's like, the royal We man.... Unless it's Eddie... Then it's the Royal We, ha ha... The nickname I coined for Eddie, and when I posted it on his facebook as follows, it made him LoL at me (or at least that's what he typed): The Royal Burn Unit - as in he applies the burns, not receives them.

Well, that was quite a long conclusion.  Thanks for letting me share, and I hope it was an enjoyable read.  I will post my TC pictorial when my friend mails back my camera bag.  Thanks for being there for Us MHR!

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