Good for Orton/Good for Tebow - What Kyle's New Contract DOESN'T Mean

Nothing's black and white in the NFL, especially when you don't have a veteran star QB entrenched on your team's roster.  Our friends and enemies on the radio, in print, and on the internets do however want to make one thing clear:  Orton's getting a contract obviously means Tebow isn't going to start until 2012. 

I know I criticize the media too much and it gets my goat way too easily, but sacrificing credibility for buzz is just the norm nowadays.  Unfortunately.

For instance, I had this to say about Tebow's brused left side a day or so ago:

If you're worried about Tebow's injury you shouldn’t be. If he’s sore by tomorrow, he sits out a preseason game and makes up for it against Pittsburgh a week later. No big deal. Broncos fans, you need to make sure that you’re thinking critically when news about the QB position or any general ‘bad’ news about the Broncos is out there when it comes to your LOCAL news sources.

DP and your local news will run it as one of the lead stories because they know Broncos fans and Tebow fans are watching. They get viewership and ‘clicks’ for this stuff and that allows them to ‘supe’ up their stats and sell more ad space for more money. “Tebow has bruised ribs, not seriously injured” won’t cut it. Consider this: this morning, Dp has the Tebow story as it’s #1 story (on a day when the Dow’s already down 100+ and 6 people have been indicted for forcing a local 17 year old to sell her body for money). Unsurprisingly, the Tebow ‘injury’ article is the #1 most clicked article of the hour and of the day. Its also the #1 most clicked article outside of Colorado for the hour and the day.

Finally, check ESPN or I bet news about Tebow isn’t anywhere easily seen without searching. Why? Because it’s a non-story. The kid’s fine.

Its true though.  And now that Orton got a contract, these same guys are telling you that Orton is firmly entrenched as Denver's starter through the end of next year. But what, Denver fans, do you think?  Let's not let the 'press' tell us what it means, let's do that for ourselves.  After all, they have no credibility.

Maybe was should talk about what it DOESN'T mean...

It doesn't mean that Orton is firmly entrenched as Denver's starter beyond week 1 of THIS season, let alone 2011.  If Tebow or Quinn (I know, not likely) can help Denver's offense score more points, Orton's out.

It doesn't mean that Tebow will have a ton of pressure to take the starters' reigns after 2010.

It doesn't mean that Denver doesn't think Tebow's maturing fast enough or is too reckless of a player.

It doesn't mean Denver is in any way disappointed with what Tebow can bring to the table and how fast he can become a full time starter.

Really, this is simply a vote of confidence in Orton's ability to, for the time being, lead the Denver Broncos.  He's a team leader, maybe even THE team leader.  He is being rewarded for being a good teammate and playing by Coach McDaniels' rules.  Kyle, better than anyone, undertands that if he's not the best QB to be taking snaps, then he won't take snaps.  But if Tebow can't get on the field because Orton becomes a star QB in the NFL, then that's a fantastic problem to have!  All Denver's done is give themselves some time to get their QB situation figured out of the long term.

Orton deserves the contract.  He's worth the money for the next season plus.  We'll see what happens this year.  But let's not put the cart before the horse (Bronco) here.  The Broncos are taking a wait and see approach to QB personnel, why shouldn't we?

Just sayin'.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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