Is 9-7 really that far out of reach? Or dare I say 10-6

So I was going over the Schedule with a buddy at the last day at camp and we were just going week by week first glance and 9-7 really doesn't seem that far off. Looking deeper into it I can even see 10 wins.

Week 1 At Jacksonville

Jacksonville is purely a running team very one dimensional  and their D isnt anything to be afraid of anymore

Denver win 24-13

Record 1-0


Week 2 Vs Seattle

Seattle could be an interesting team to watch this year but I think early on they will struggle to find out what kind of team they are and at Denver I dont see them playing well

Denver win 35-17

Record 2-0


Week 3 vs Indianapolis

Ok not even gonna talk about it

Denver Loss 31-21

Record 2-1


Week 4 @ Tennesee

Again like Jacksonville a pretty one dimentional team. Gameplan Stop CJ2k ... the end. If they can contain him and force VY to throw the ball with our secondary we will dominate,

Denver win 28-17

Record 3-1


Week 5 @ Baltimore

Baltimore could be the surprise team this year to dominate in the AFC. They have added a threat on O and Ed Reed could be back by this time.

Denver Loss  21-13

Record 3-2


Week 6 VS New York Jets

Like the Ravens I think the Hard Knocks stars could be frontrunners in the AFC so revis or no revis I think we wont be able to handle Sexy rexy and the Sanchise

Denver Loss 24-14

Record 3-3



Week 7 VS Oakland

Although I think the Raiders are somewhat improved I dont think they have enough weapons on offence to keep up. For once we win at home vs Oakland

Denver Win 34-14

Record 4-3


Week 8 AT San Francisco (kind of)

Thank god we have a bye after this game! I like the niners this year on both sides of the ball. I think that if Alex Smith is semi decent this year they are a 12 win team. I see this game going either way but ill give it to the home team

Denver Loss 27-21

Record 4-4




Week 10 VS Kansas City

Chiefs are the cellar dwellers in the AFC West and coming out of the Bye I dont think there is ANY WAY in hell we get ran all over by JC like week 17 last year

Denver Win 41-13

Record 5-4


Week 11 at San Diego

Looking at the Chargers Schedule I have them roughly 6-3 at this point in the year. I do have us beating SD once this year this just isnt that time

Denver Loss 38-31

Record 5-5


Week 12 VS St. Louis

Rams will be the WORST TEAM in the NFL this year. Return Of DOOM (wishful thinking)

Denver Win 38-6

Record 6-5


Week 13 at Kansas City

SWEEP! Arrowhead has lost all its luster that it had back in the Shannahan era

Denver Win 34-17

Record 7-5


Week 14 at Arizona

Matt Leinart could have his best season in the NFL, but thats not saying much. Loosing Warner, Dansby, and Boldin is too much for them to be a successful team in the first year of their absence with replacing from within

Denver Win 31-21

Record 8-5


Week 15 at Oakland

By now Oakland will be out of it but hey its still Broncos - Raiders, gotta loose once to oakland right?

Denver Loss 24-20

Record 8-6


Week 16 vs Houston

RETURN OF KUBIAK.... maybe. Houston is another interesting team this year, They have arguably the toughest schedual in the NFL but have a very talented roster. I thnk that by this time of the season they will either be playing for a wild card spot or they will fall victim to their schedual and will be so far out of it Kubiak will be gone. Either way its VERY difficult to travel and play an away game so close to a holiday (just ask the Giants about thanksgiving last year)

Denver Win 21-13

Record 9-6


Week 17 VS San Diego 

Well, well, well this is where Roger Goodell will either be a genius and have one of the most entertaining weeks in football or just the opposite will happen and teams that already have things all wrapped up will rest their starters ie 2009 Colts. I think the latter will be the case here,, I have the Chargers going 12-4 in 2010 so here they will have the division wrapped up but the broncos on the other hand will be in the thick of a wild card race.

Broncos Win 34-21

Record 10-6

Now yes some things do have to go in our favor for this to happen especially in the health department but if Orton had the year everyone knows he can and if Ayers will join the other defensive studs from his draft class, I know we can do this.

Fine call me crazy but is this really that insane to think we can pull off 10-6? I think not....






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