Sadaraine's No BS take on Preseason Game 2

1st So game 2 is under wraps for our preseason.  I'd say overall I'm pretty pleased with the progress we are seeing from our team.  There are guys showing up, guys fading in the limelight, and we're starting to get a good idea of who is worth keeping and who isn't.

1st team Offense Notes

  • Concerned a bit about the running game still...but would like to see what happens when we have our 1st string RBs back before I worry too much.
  • Orton still is still looking good.  I like him throwing the deep ball more often...even if it hasn't really connected yet, at least it will help keep the defenses honest.
  • Decker looks very solid for a rookie WR.  I really do see a lot of Eddie Mac's game in how he plays.  I'm sure it is mainly due to the similar builds they have, but what I'm seeing there.
  • It looked to me like we could use Clady back...our left side didn't look like it was holding up well against Detroit's pass rush.

1st team Defense Notes

  • Glad to see Ayers show some solid progress...he deserved the sack
  • The linebackers are handling themselves surprisingly well given the injuries we've seen there
  • I hope to see more blitzing in the regular far we don't look like we can consistently put on the pressure when only rushing 4.
  • Phonz should have grabbed that INT...I'm very disappointed that he let that one get through his hands.  He looked okay the other times I saw him, but nothing to write home about.
  • Are you kidding me?  Moss is playing for keeps it seems...let's hope he can do this in the regular season too.

Everyone Else Notes

  • Cox looked like a burner on that return.  A little better balance and he'd have had a TD.
  • Quinn really needs to step up next week...he's looking lost and is not playing with any confidence.  At this point, I'm hoping they put Tebow as our 2nd stringer (and not just to get around the emergency QB rule).
  • Willis had a solid game again.  I'm really hoping they keep this kid.  He is playing with effort and running some slick routes.  It never hurts to keep a burner on your team like this at WR.
  • Wow, the tackling of our back-ups was weak again.  You can't make it in this league with whiffs and no wrap-ups (see Denver Defense circa 2008)
  • As big of a fan as I am of Fargas, I was really underwhelmed with his play.  I'm hoping it is due to his short time with us so far.  If he doesn't pick it up though, I'll be one of the guys saying he can go.

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