Mock Depth Chart.

    First, can I say how great it is to have the football season on us. Hopefully we have a great year for our own Denver Broncos. We have played 2 games this preseason and we can see somethings develop and are wondering why somethings are not working so good.

     Second, can I say how great is Orton playing. I have to admit that I was excited that we brought in Brady Quinn. I that Orton was only a game manager, but if he can keep up what he has done in the 1st 2 games this preseason we could have a really good QB. Maybe 1 that might make us say Tebow who?. I know it's early but you have to be excited for how he has taken control of the offense. I probable I'm 1 of the 1st to say Quinn who?. What is his deal? At this point I kinda wish we still had Brandstater and Hillis on the team instead of Quinn.

     Anyways, on to the depth chart after the jump.

      Quarterbacks: Kyle Orton, Tim Tebow, and Brady Quinn. Right know Orton is head and shoulders above the rest. Could even finish in the top 5 or 10 for QB's in the league. Tebow has outplayed Quinn in only1 and a half quarters of football. I was one of the supporters for trading for Quinn this year. But know I wish we still had Hillis and Brandstater on the team. If Orton does go down for a few games, then hopefully Quinn can help us, but if not it will be a wasted trade for us.(3)

     Running backs: Knowshon Moreno, Correll BuckhalterLance Ball and either Justin Fargas or LenDale White or Bruce Hall. With the way the run game has gone the first 2 games, we have to think a couple of things: either Ball, Hall, Fargas, and Baker are not the answer; or the Josh wants to work out the wrinkles of his pass offence. Either way we know the Knowshon is our man and if Buckhalter recovers form his injury he will be the #2. The rest is up in the area right know. Ball made some mistakes, and  hasn't run bad (11-44(4.0)-0 and 4-29(7.3)-1). His biggest mistake was the ball off his hands the Dre Bly intercepted. And if it would have went off his hands and fell to the turf, nobody would have remembered it. Hall was running through the Detroit D last week. Would like to see what he can do against a better Pittsburgh(10-40(4.0)-0 and 6-37(6.2)-0. Fargas wasn't impressive last week, but he is a veteran andcould count on him at least against Oakland twice this year. White will be out for the first 4 games this year and has proved nothing so far. Hall really made a statement last week. Running through the Detroit D and help Quinn get moving down the field. Would like to see if he could do that against Pittsburgh's D.(4)(7)

      Fullback: Spencer Larsen. Considering that he is our only FB on the team, he should be a shoe in. But has he played a down yet this year. Still think he is our guy, buy I thought that about Hillis also. (1)(8)

     Wide Receivers: Jabar Gaffney, Eddie Royal, Eric Decker, Brandon Lloyd, Matt Willis, and Demaryius Thomas. This is as of right know. Thomas hasn't proved anything on the football field, but I do think he will be in the top 3 for Wr's this year. I also think we are keeping Lloyd for insurance right know. If either of our rookies can't go for the 1st couple of weeks or for the season, then Lloyd will stay, but if both of our rookie WR's a good to go for the season, Lloyd could become trade bait. Gaffney and Orton are on the same page. I hope they stay that way. Royal needs to get in the game and make some plays like he did verses Cincy. Decker was sooooo impressive his first game. Could take some catches from Thomas and Gaffney. Why was he in the slot though? I thought he would be an outside receiver, guess I was wrong. Willis made 1 mistake in the first week, but had some really good plays also. Last week he was showing some veteran knowledge by getting out of bounce to stop the clock. (6)(14)

     Tight Ends: Daniel Graham, Marquez Branson, and Richard Quinn or Nathan Overbay or Riar Geer. Really Graham has the #1 spot without doing anything. Branson has proved he can handle both FB and TE. The rest have done nothing, which makes 1 wonder what is going on. Has Quinn even played in a game. I have seen Geer and Overbay in the game, but not Quinn. Hopefully Graham and Branson stay healthy all year long.(3)(17)

     Left Tackle: Ryan Clady and D'Anthony Batiste. Clady is the BEST tackle in the game. Wish he was practicing so we knew how he was doing. Batiste has mix reviews for everybody. Some like him and some don't. IMO he has played fine for a young guy who hasn't played much. And against the #1 units.(2)(19)

     Left Guard: Zane Beadles, Russ Hochstein. Beadles has started both preseason games at LG and played all 8 quarters so far. He even played a little LT against Detroit. Hochsteinis a vet who can be moved around for right to left. (4)(21)

     Center:JD Walton. The rookie has, like Beadles, played all 8 quarters of football so far. They even cut his back up Dustin Fry last week, so I would have to say he is has safe as Prater or Colquitte or Champ or Dawkins. As far as a back up, we could keep Seth Olsen.(5)(22)

     Right Guard: Chris Kuper, and Seth Olsen. Kuper needs to get his ankle better before the start of the season. Is one of those guys who does his job and doesn't get noticed. Olsen, like Hochstein, can play both guard positions and some center if need be.(7)(24)

     Right Guard: Ryan Harris. Is it nice to see 1 of our big tackles back on the field. Wish we had both book ends back, but 1 is better then none. We could keep another tackle here like Polumbus, but with Beadles able to move to the outside when ever, I think we should keep another inside guy.(8)(25)

     Defensive Ends: Justin Bannan, Ryan McBean, Jarvis Green, and Marcus Thomas. Bannan and McBean will be our starters and Green and Thomas could be our pass rushers...or 3rd down guys. We could keep another guy like Smith, but will have to see the rest of the roster first.(4)(29)

     Defensive Tackles: Jamal Williams and Ronald Fields. Williams will be our 1st and 2nd down player. Fields or Bannan will be our 3rd down pass rusher, or both? on a side note, what was the deal with Baker getting cut?(2)(31)

     Outside Linebackers: Robert Ayers, Jarvis Moss, Darrel Reid,  Jammie Kirlew or Baraka Atkins and Elvis Dumervil. Ayers and Moss will have to do the best they can to fill the void of Doom. At least until he comes back or if he doesn't this year. Reid needs to get healthy and on the field also. Kirlew and Atkins have impressed me against Cincy, but didn't notice them as much against Detroit. Will have to decide what to do with Elvis before the season starts, PUP, or IR.(5)(36)

      Inside Linebackers: DJ Williams, Mario Haggen, Wesley Woodyard, and Joe Mays. Williams and Haggen need to be our starters. Big, fast ,smart players. Nobody would run wild wit our front 7. Woodyard is great on 3rd downs and Mays is good on SP. Could also keep Ayodele if Elvis is put on the IR for the season.(4)(40)

    Cornerbacks: Champ Bailey, Andre Goodman, Perrish Cox, Alphonso Smith and Nate Jones. Bailey and Goodman are starters without any competition. Cox has won over his teammates and won the nickle. Smith has played better then Jones IMO. Jones is a keeper because he can also play safety. Another guy that I like is Vaughn. Fast, and athletic, plus can help in the return game. Another guy I'm starting to like is Thompson also.(5)(45)

     Safeties: Brian Dawkins, Renaldo Hill, Darcel McBath and David Burton. Dawkins, Hill and McBath will get the most reps. Burton is a ST ace. Remeber that Jones can play some safety as well.(4)(49)

    Kicker, Punter, and Long Snapper: Matt Prater, Britton Colquitt, and Lonie Paxton. No big surprises here with all having the job since TC started.(3)(52)

    Looks like I missed 1 so we could keep another WR(Stockley), or T(Pulombus), or DL(Smith) or LB (Ayodele, Kirlew, or Atkins) or CB (Vaughn or Thompson).

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