Posts From Around SB Nation: 8/22-8/28

Another great pre-season week has passed, and only one remains. After taking last week off for work, I was determined to find some good links this week, and hope I don't disappoint. So as you are commenting on the game threat, or watching the game, feel free to take a look when you have a free moment, a time out or halftime, for example.



On Moderation at Buffalo Rumblings

- At all the sites in SBN, few have moderators that enjoy ruling their members, but few take as hands-off approach as our own John Bena and the main man at Buffalo Rumblings, Brian Galliford. I am always a fan of improving the community, and this is first and foremost John's site, but Brian has some good suggestions to help keep it civil as the season begins. John, you run a great place here, it's our job to keep it that way.

Jersey Rules at Bleeding Green Nation

- This is an interesting take on rules fans should have on wearing jerseys to games. Every fan is different, but he has some good takes as well as some I don't necessarily agree with. But hey, it's always intriguing to see how other fans from different teams view fandom and how they represent themselves. A good read for anyone who owns a jersey.

Playoff Prediction Primer: Who Will Be the Rebound Teams in the NFL This Year? at Blogging the Boys

- Now I've never visited Blogging the Boys much, so I decided to spend more time over there this week and came upon this nice post. It is a look at the number of teams that "churn" or move from a winning record but no post season to the post season the following year, and "rebound", a team that had a losing record, but makes the postseason the following year. Guess what they found, on average each season, 5.9 teams churn up into the playoffs and 3.5 rebound. That pretty much goes against everything we think about when it comes to preseason predictions. Here's hoping the Broncos can be one of those six teams to move up into the playoffs this season.

Sports Science on Larry Fitzgerald at Revenge of the Bird

- I didn't even know what Sports Science was until this post, now I'm addicted. It is a show that takes sports and looks at the physics involved. The link from this site goes to Youtube and you get to watch how Larry Fitzgerald, one of the best wide receivers in the league at one handed catches, is theoretically a bigger target then a mammoth, which is pretty amazing. I'll include a few of my other favorites as well:

- Ray Lewis: Did you know that if you can't find the keys to your house, Lewis can just break the door down for you, hinges and all, no problem.

- Chad Ochocinco and Jerry Rice: This was the first part of the Fitzgerald video, it shows that with a two handed catch, a receiver is a larger target then a elephant. It also shows that Rice can still catch the ball very well.

- Trent Green (Buffalo version) versus a gunslinger: Ever wonder how fast a quarterback responds when he see someone open, how muscle memory plays a key part in throwing the ball, and how fast a quarterbacks arm is moving when he throws? Well you can now know the answers.

- Marcus Trufant: Well its a fact, defensive backs are freaks, freakish athletes at least. This video looks at the backpedal speed of a defensive back, and lets say it's impressive. He actually races a car going backwards and a normal guy running forwards, and it's quite surprising how it plays out.

Ndamukong Suh: Okay, I'm convinced Suh is the next Warren Sapp, but moving on to the video, it focuses on burst speed and the force of his hit. Lets just say it's almost three times that of getting hit by Ray Lewis. I will never be upset at a quarterback for not wanting to get up after watching this video.


So there you have it, my picks for last week, hope you found one of them interesting.

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