Teaching and Patience

Teaching and patience doesn't always go hand in hand.  Anyone who saw the Pittsburgh vs Denver matchup witnessed this very lesson.  The beauty of athletics is that everyone wants to be part of something.  The more success we have in our role, the more likely we are to witness success measured in winning.  I'll do my best to explain after the jump.

Pittsburgh has the following QBs on their roster.  Big Ben, Batch, Leftwich and Dixon.  Ben is out for 6 weeks unless stated otherwise by the commish.  The question for the Steelers is this: Who is going to drive the offense until then?  Well, we'll leave that for the Steelers' faithful to discuss!  What does impress me about that coaching staff and its management  is that Dixon was afforded opportunity to showcase what he's been learning via training camp and apply it in the closest real world element.  Against the more proven ones.

Well Denver is no different.  We have Kyle Orton, off an additional year contract extension signing, showcasing how much along he's come after last year's learning of the offense.  Then there is Brady Quinn, the highly acclaimed star from Notre Dame who's trying to do the same thing while juggling issues after his time in dysfunctional Cleveland.  Lastly, we have Tim Tebow whom the fanbase have already adopted as the chosen one to lead our team to the promise land.

Two teams with separate coaching staff, management but driven by the goal to win a Super Bowl.  After Shanahan's dismissal I was having a hard time with the transition.  More than a year later I realize that a coaching staff surrounded by natural teachers of the game is exactly what the players needed, not the team. 

Point 1.  Orton is out for a play and Quinn comes in for relief.  He gets sacked and booed.  Orton hands down is the more polished passer and there is little Quinn can do to close that gap this year.  His value however is measured in his years in this league.  One can argue that Simms was heralded the same fortunately for all parties concerned, Brady will benefit by learning from natural teachers.

Point 2.  Tebow looked good last night.  Some may argue that the interception can be traced to his delivery or poor decision.  What his teachers will cover will be more about what he saw and go from there.  Tebow's offense in Florida has some similarities but anyone, myself included, to assume he's not changed certain habits are clearly not objective.

Denver has handpicked QBs that are very studious and more likely to put aside personal goals for bigger team aspirations.  This speaks volumes because in Denver, we're going to find ourselves with athletes such as Woodyard, Cox, Ayers, Tebow, D. Thomas aka Bay Bay, and Syd finding opportunity for success rather than other players in the league.  Don't believe?  Take a drive out west and take a good look at the Cardinals

Wisehut is taking a page out of Cleveland and shuffling QBs.  Combine that with the coaching staff's determination to be the next Pittsburgh West and we'll see this is a team with an entirely separate philosophy behind their coaching/patience. 

So before I, or anyone for that matter, attempt to blow up what we're putting together just remember it could be worse.  Teaching trumps coaching everytime because patience is the virtue to separate those who are ready for opportunity from those are grateful for opportunity.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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