Tebow’s Second Preseason NFL Game Review


This was interesting to see how Tim Tebow would do playing with the second team offense instead of the guys that won’t make the roster.   He had better protection and less blitzes to deal with.  Also, the running game was better last night.   I was interested to see were how he was reading defenses and was he accurate in his passes.   I also wanted to see if could fight the urge to run.  This was a key as he must develop into more of a pocket passer and run less in this offense.

Completions (5) = 14 yds, 12 yds, 19 yds, 24 yards, 3 yds TD

Drive 1 - 3 & Out
    1. Denver Broncos at 08:36
    2. 1-10-DEN 23 (8:36) 35-L.Ball left end to DEN 22 for -1 yards (43-T.Polamalu, 99-B.Keisel).
    3. 2-11-DEN 22 (7:58) PENALTY on DEN-68-Z.Beadles, False Start, 6 yards, enforced at DEN 22 - No Play.
    4. Timeout #1 by DEN at 07:31.
    5. 2-17-DEN 16 (7:31) 15-T.Tebow pass short left to 84-B.Lloyd to DEN 30 for 14 yards (26-W.Allen).
    6. 3-3-DEN 30 (6:52) (Shotgun) 15-T.Tebow pass incomplete short left to 19-E.Royal.
    7. 4-3-DEN 30 (6:48) 4-B.Colquitt punts 60 yards to PIT 10, Center-66-L.Paxton. 11-S.Logan to PIT 16 for 6 yards (59-W.Woodyard).


Drive 2 – Field Goal

    1. Denver Broncos at 05:39
    2. 1-10-DEN 34 (5:39) 35-L.Ball up the middle to DEN 37 for 3 yards (42-D.Cromartie-Smith, 76-C.Hoke).
    3. 2-7-DEN 37 (5:04) 15-T.Tebow pass short left to 12-M.Willis to DEN 49 for 12 yards (37-A.Madison).
    4. 1-10-DEN 49 (4:26) 15-T.Tebow pass short middle to 12-M.Willis to PIT 32 for 19 yards (46-J.Thornton).
    5. 1-10-PIT 32 (3:49) 35-L.Ball right guard to PIT 25 for 7 yards (97-J.Worilds).
    6. 2-3-PIT 25 (3:15) 35-L.Ball right tackle to PIT 15 for 10 yards (50-L.Foote, 46-J.Thornton).
    7. 1-10-PIT 15 (2:38) 42-J.Fargas right tackle to PIT 11 for 4 yards (42-D.Cromartie-Smith).
    8. 2-6-PIT 11 (2:00) 15-T.Tebow pass incomplete short left to 87-E.Decker (42-D.Cromartie-Smith).
    9. Timeout #2 by DEN at 01:53.
    10. 3-6-PIT 11 (1:53) (Shotgun) 15-T.Tebow pass incomplete short middle to 87-E.Decker (57-K.Fox).
    11. 4-6-PIT 11 (1:49) 5-M.Prater 29 yard field goal is GOOD, Center-66-L.Paxton, Holder-4-B.Colquitt.
    12. PIT 3    DEN 20    Plays: 9    Possession: 3:54


Drive 3 – The Interception

    1. Denver Broncos at 13:36
    2. 1-10-DEN 30 (13:36) 35-L.Ball up the middle to DEN 35 for 5 yards (76-C.Hoke).
    3. 2-5-DEN 35 (13:36) 15-T.Tebow pass incomplete short left to 12-M.Willis.
    4. 3-5-DEN 35 (12:55) (Shotgun) 15-T.Tebow pass short right intended for 17-B.Davis INTERCEPTED by 40-C.Butler at DEN 45. 40-C.Butler pushed ob at DEN 5 for 40 yards (15-T.Tebow).


Drive 4 – The Touchdown

    1. -J.Reed kicks 62 yards from PIT 30 to DEN 8. 12-M.Willis to DEN 26 for 18 yards (88-E.Sanders).
    2. 1-10-DEN 26 (12:28) 35-L.Ball right tackle to DEN 27 for 1 yard (76-C.Hoke).
    3. 2-9-DEN 27 (11:52) 15-T.Tebow pass deep middle to 12-M.Willis to PIT 49 for 24 yards (47-S.Sylvester, 46-J.Thornton) [90-T.Gibson].
    4. 1-10-PIT 49 (11:17) 35-L.Ball left end pushed ob at PIT 6 for 43 yards (29-R.Mundy).
    5. 1-6-PIT 6 (10:46) 35-L.Ball up the middle to PIT 3 for 3 yards (97-J.Worilds, 47-S.Sylvester).
    6. 2-3-PIT 3 (10:09) 15-T.Tebow pass short left to 87-E.Decker for 3 yards, TOUCHDOWN.



Very Good Arm Strength – I am surprised by how much of a gun Tebow has.  I didn’t follow him very much in college and heard a lot of criticisms about his arm strength during the Senior Bowl.  Now after two games I can say that Tebow has a gun and can fit the football into small windows.

Accurate - Tebow was accurate on most throws he made.  Even though his stat line was 5 out of 10 a few of those incompletions were flat out drops.  At least two passes should have been complete including the first down bullet to Decker on the second Tebow drive.  Though he did have two passes that were off the mark completely, most notably was the quick out to Eddie Royal.  Most of his passes were dead on the money and had good velocity.

Poise – After Tebow threw the interception he came back and lead another scoring drive.  This was impressive.  Also even on the interception Tebow tried to make a read and hit the hot route.


Reading the defense – Maybe Tebow only had to make one read, but he often found the best man to throw to. 


Getting Rid of the Ball Quickly– Way too much has been made of Tebow’s long windup.  It looks long when they play it in super slow motion.  When it is played at regular speed Tebow gets the ball out fairly quick.   I think Tebow has improved upon this form his first start when he was sacked and the Cincy D had a TD that was saved by a tuck rule call.  Tebow should have been sacked on the fourth  drive when Batiste was beat, but Tebow got the ball off.  He hits Willis for a 24 yard strike in the middle.  That is all that is required.  Get the ball out of there before a pass rusher can get to you.






Nerves - The first drive that Tebow lead you could tell he was nervous. His second pass was out of sync with Eddie Royal and he lead the receiver too far.  It didn’t help that the first two plays were a run play for negative yardage followed by a penalty of the offensive line.  Once Tim calms down he is stops looking like a rookie.


Staring Down Receivers – This is Tebow’s greatest weakness so far. It’s not his throwing motion or his inexperience taking a snap under center.  It’s that he will lock onto a receiver before the ball is snapped.  I would say Tebow does this at least 50% of the time.  It seems like more than that, but he actually does go through his progressions some of the time. 


Recognizing where the blitz is coming from and where to go – This is an issue for starting vets as much as rookies.   Defenses are designed to confuse a QB and force him into making a throw where the CB can jump in front of it.  I am not saying that Tebow didn’t make a mistake.  He needs to see this look in film and just learn to recognize which receiver he needs to go to.  He should have looked to his left before the snap to see that number 12 Matt Willis, in the slot,  is not being covered and wide open almost immediatley after the snap for a 6 yard first down.  This also comes back to staring down receivers.  Really when Tebow does see this in the film room he will immediately say “Willis was open for the first down.”



Conclusions – The good things that pop out at you are that Tebow makes confident downfield throws, and has the will to make big plays and extend drives.  He is also a rookie and that is where the interception pops out at you.  I think Tebow will learn how to recognize disguised blitzes and where to go with the ball.   Reading the defense on the blitz and finding the open man will be what I am watching this Thursday.  Tebow has clearly passed Quinn as the second best QB on the team.   Tebow has way too much to learn to consider him a contender for the starting job.  Tim is improving with each game and that is all you want for a rookie QB. 

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