Time for my annual Guess-a-thon!

So last year I released my annual season predictions(though under a different name, I had to change email addresses...), and I did....uhm....okay?  I did predict New Orleans in the Super Bowl, but I had them losing to New England.  So I suppose I got 1/3 of that one right.  However, it's always fun to toss these out here and see what people think and hear how ridiculous they find my predictions to be!

Some will say there is an orange and blue tint to these, and that may be the case (I'm not posting them at Bolts From The Blue!) but after reviewing our schedule, I seriously don't think this is all that far fetched.  I have the Chargers slipping, their schedule is just brutal and I think they've lost a step with the removal of certain players, though I have the Raiders stepping up their game quite a bit.

Finally, the process I used to create this prediction:  I went through every game of the schedule and went with my gut reaction to who I honestly believe will win each contest.  After every game was decided, I tallied the wins/losses and went through tie-breaking procedures to get to the final playoff teams.  I hope you enjoy telling me how wrong I am as much as I did creating it!

Division Leader


P.S. Please forgive the looks great in my window and awful on the preview lol.


South                                 East                                        North                                   West

Indianapolis   12-4          New England      12-4         Pittsburgh         9-7             Denver                11-5

Houston           9-7            N.Y. Jets              9-7           Baltimore        11-5            Kansas City        5-11

Jacksonville     5-11         Miami                  11-5         Cleveland         6-10            Oakland               8-8

Tennessee       10-6         Buffalo                3-13          Cincinnati        10-6            San Diego           9-7



South                                   East                                        North                                   West

Atlanta               10-6          Dallas                 10-6           Minnesota        10-6           Arizona                 3-13

Carolina            5-11          Washington        5-11         Chicago            8-8              Seattle                  6-10

New Orleans    11-5          N.Y. Giants         6-10         Green Bay        9-7              St. Louis               4-12

Tampa Bay        6-10         Philadelphia       9-7            Detroit                5-11          San Francisco    9-7



AFC Playoffs

3. Baltimore                         2. Indianapolis

6. Tennessee                      3. Baltimore                        3. Baltimore


4. Denver                              1. New England                  4. Denver

5. Miami                                4. Denver                                                  AFC Champ:   Baltimore


NFC Playoffs                                                                                            NFC Champ:   Atlanta

3. Minnesota                        2. Dallas

6. Green Bay                        5.  Atlanta                            5. Atlanta


4. San Francisco                 1. New Orleans                  1. New Orleans

5. Atlanta                               6. Green Bay

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