A Training Camp Pictorial

While many people have read some of my Camp descriptions, some of you could use a visual to help with some of those words. I was able to capture a few things to help you understand what I am conveying. These are not professional quality by any means, but I hope you enjoy them anyway. And so the folks who have Ipods or Blackberry's don't have to wait for the download, I will start after the jump.

The 1st day of Camp. This is just the first 200-300 people out of the 3100+ who attended on Sunday. I was this far back and I showed up an hour and a half early. Just so you all know, this was the Tebow-mania effect and not the norm. This line extended through the parking lot and down near the street entrance by the time the gate opened.

This is what the view looks like as you get past the Staff members at the Gate. They check to see if you are carrying anything that is not allowed, such as video cameras, glass bottles, umbrellas and such. The limit on camera lenses, is they cannot be longer than the length of a credit card. This first field that you see is a synthetic turf. This is the North field I referred to in my Day 3 post. Britton Colquitt warmed up at the far end of this field. The field in the background is the grass field where the Offense works and where I sit. There is another field to the left of it where the Defense and punters do their work. The white spot next to the scissor lift on the left is the V.I.P. tent. If you walk to the left of this position (the direction that the guy on the phone is looking), you will come to the temporary Bronco Store.

Here you see a little more of the V.I.P. tent. That is where Prater's Field Goal Attempt hit at the end of Day 3's practice. Spectators are allowed to sit all the way around to the edge of the end zone of the near (right hand) field. Those people on the left will have a fair view of the defense as they work and a very good view of the Wide Receivers when they do their individual drills. That is the area where MHR member Dustin Maul took his pictures. That scissor lift is one of three that tower above all three fields and the action for the coaches to dissect and address in team meetings.

This picture was taken in the same spot as the previous picture. I simply panned to the left. So on the right side of this pic, is the rest of the V.I.P. tent. To thee left of that, is the ADA tent where disabled fans may take in all the action. It is on a raised platform. They have a very good view of the players as they enter the field and the Defense as they work. I am thinking that they have pretty good access to autographs too. The tent to the left of that is the Radio media tent. Each of the five Bays has a Mobile Radio studio set up for broadcasts and player interviews. The building behind these tents is where the players emerge from.

Here you can see the front of the V.I.P. tent. In this scene, the players do their warm up jogging out to the 20 yard line and back. Strength and Conditioning Coach Rich Tuten oversees this part.

After going through the jogging and Hop, Skip and Jump routine, the players spread out across the field for the stretching interval. Here you see Patrick Honeycutt, DeMaryius Thomas, Daniel Graham, Kyle Orton, Brandon Stokely Riar Geer, and Eric Decker.

Brady Quinn and Robert Ayers stretch, while new Defensive Linemen Jarvis Green and Justin Bannan watch on.

Rich Tuten barks out the cadence, putting the players through their paces.

You may notice that the Offense wears the White jerseys and the Defense wears the Blues. Kyle McCarthy, Joe Mays, David Bruton, Jeff Stehle, Josh Barrett and LeKevin Smith are pictured. I'm not sure who that is looking this way.

Here we have Richard Quinn, Eric Decker, Eric Olsen, Nathan Overbay, Tim Tebow and J.D.Walton. Spencer Larsen flexes his muscles and taunts the Defense, calling them Girlie men.

Toney Baker, Richard Quinn, Eric Decker, Lance Ball, Eric Olsen Nathan Overbay, Tim Tebow and J.D. Walton stretch. Tebow tells Lance to check out Deckers biceps.

This is the Juggs machine I have told you about. It can shoot the ball out end for end to simulate a kickoff, or a spiral to simulate a pass or punt. Former Bronco Wide Receiver Steve Watson used to practice with this thing set at 60 M.P.H. to get used to catching John Elway's passes. The players are wearing the "Scout" red socks that I have spoken of.

Special Teams Coach Mike Priefer gives instructions to the kick coverage team.

Daniel Graham, Kyle McCarthy, Spencer Larsen and David Bruton line up to receive an onside kick.

Wide Receivers Brandon Stokely, DeMaryius Thomas, Kenny McKinley and Brandon Lloyd wait their turn to run pass route drills.

DeMaryius Thomas, Brandon Lloyd, Kenny McKinley, Matthew Willis, Jabar Gaffney and Eddie Royal prepare to run the up and back slalom drill I mentioned in the Kaptain's Log posts.

Tim Tebow, Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn at the start of the Quarterback passing warm ups.

Brady Quinn takes a snap after Kyle finishes his, and Tebow awaits his turn.

This is the Running Backs hurdle pylons drill. They run through and staff assistants try to knock the ball away from them. They also run this sideways.

This is the "Running Lane" mat. The yellow spaces represent where the linemen stand and the blue spaces mark the running lane. The Running Backs use this for part of their individual drills.

The 2nd Team Offense runs a pass play.

Tebow participates in a passing drill.

That will have to do for now. I hope you enjoyed this presentation.

Go Broncos!

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