8/4 PM Practice Notes

Let me apologize because I left all of my notes at home,so I'll shoot from the hip here about my experience last night... I hope I can at least lend a little bit of insight as to what I experienced.

First off, wow, that rain was INTENSE. It was really looking bad for awhile and I thought for sure they were going to cancel. Fortunately, they just moved it back to 6PM and the fields were drained and ready to go by then.

I walked up the path and noticed the crowd was pretty thin on account of the weather, but still, plenty of people were packing the sidelines.

The team went through a mini walkthrough on some endzone stuff, and then went to stretching.

They then went to individual positional stuff. Defensive and Offensive linemen doing their drills, TE's, WR's, QB's, DB's and LB's all doing individual stuff for awhile.

Then they broke out to kickoff coverage and returns. It was more about the coverage than the return and the ball wasn't really live, just simulated kickoff and practicing being onside on the run up to the ball.

For the most part, the coverage team did well, no long returns or anything wide open. Bruton continues to be excellent in coverage.

After that, they broke out into some passing drills, with the Defensive and Offensive lines doing their own things. There was a strong emphasis on TE crossing routes today. Underneath, and sideline throws to TE's.

Once they did it without any pass coverage, they then moved to the opposite field and ran the same type of drills with live coverage. Basically just the QB, the TE, and a DB running routes and covering. Tebow was on one end of the field, and Orton and Quinn were on the other, running the same sort of drills. I noticed Tebow lining up "under center" as well as in Shotgun. I also noticed that Coach McDaniels strictly watched how Tebow performed as opposed to watching the other two QB's. I thought that was interesting.

Once more the horn sounded and they moved into 7 on 7's, but strictly ran plays within the 10 yard line. Kyle would get 3 reps, then Quinn 1, and Tebow 1. Kyle threw high on his 1st attempt (over D. Thomas's hands) and then again on his 2nd, however, D. Thomas should have caught the ball. (more on that in a minute). This repeated a few times with limited success from any of the QBs. It was frustrating. On two occasions, the QB's waited and waited and finally had to run out of bounds. Thomas looked timid and had the ball knocked out of his hands and dropped another.

They moved down to the other end of the field and started again, and the success for the offense was a bit better, connecting on a couple of TD throws.

(here's where the sequence of events gets a bit hazy, so bare with me)

I think, after this, they broke out into 11 on 11, yet still working within the redzone. Batiste was in with 1st team at LT fyi. First play, run, stuffed for minimal gain. Let me just say this now, the D line and LB's are stout. They are aggressive and they push the Oline off their feet consistently. Orton is definitely the least shy at the line of scrimmage and barks out his orders with authority. He identifies the Mike quickly and lets the team know. He makes sure they are set and communicates well. The offense did well in these drills, completing several TD passes, however, I'm not so sure that if they were allowed to tackle the QB's, there wouldn't have been more sacks.

Quinn got in trouble for not lining up the team correctly and McDaniels stopped the play and made him run it again. He didn't look happy. Quinn looks timid and scared at times. He doesn't do things with the authority that Orton and Tebow do. He's not as vocal and not as loud. Not quite what I was hoping for.

At one point during the 11 on 11's, McDaniels got in Wink's ear about something and looked very agitated. I'm not sure if he wasn't happy with the way one of the DB's tackled, or held, or something. Either way, you could tell McD wasn't happy.

After several attempts at the red zone stuff, they then went to the move the chains drills to finish out practice.

This was my favorite part because they did it right in front of us. D. Thomas was lining up wide outside with Royal in the slot, and Gaffney on the opposite side. Thomas is freaking HUGE. The offense did well here more often than not, completing several big plays. Thomas had a couple of drops (I counted 4 total during the entire practice) but then made another circus catch and run that delighted the crowd.

Brady Quinn struggled here again. He ran the screen plays well, but anything more with pressure from the D and longer routes looked pretty pathetic.

Jarvis Moss was getting consistent pressure and would have had at least 2 sacks.
Mario Haggan is a monster and was getting continuous praise.

Matthew Willis.... wow. The kid was just all over the place catching things, diving for balls, just being an all out baller. I love his guts and determination. He's so small though.

The best play of the practice came from Tebow to be honest. During the 11 on 11's in the move the chains portion, he took the snap, and the pocket was starting to collapse, and he scrambled out of the pocket, saw Willis deep towards the end zone and just HEAVED the ball, on target, about 45 yards to the corner of the end zone and Willis caught it. This play drew the largest cheers and applause.

After that, it was wind sprints and I left. I did not see when Dummervil went down, FYI. Also, Daniel Graham, DJ Williams, and Dawk were not on the field. There were very little running plays.

Hope this report isn't too lame. I feel stupid for forgetting my notes at home today


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