Denver Broncos Training Camp Quotes (P.M. Practice - 8/6/10)

ENGLEWOOD CO - AUGUST 05: Head coach Josh McDaniels of the Denver Bronocs surveys practice at training camp at Dove Valley on August 5 2010 in Englewood Colorado. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

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On if he recognized the music of the ice cream truck:

"I did, but I thought it was somebody’s phone or something going off. I didn’t know what it was."

On what ice cream he chose:

"I went for the Spiderman. I just couldn’t do the chocolate and all that so I got something that was sweet."

On if he thought the ice cream was just for rookies:

"Rookies? Rookies don’t get anything. That’s just how it goes."
On if he is excited to practice at INVESCO Field at Mile High tomorrow night:

"Yeah, you know, it gives guys on the team a chance to go into the stadium because you would like to at least go into the stadium before you play in it and, you know, that’s a good way to get it done – to go out there and get our work done out there."


On how tough it has been to see teammates go through injuries:

"It is very tough, but you know like I said it’s a part of it sometimes. You just got to do what you can to get back out."
On why the injuries have occurred:

"It happens from time to time. You know, obviously, this is my 15th year in the league and I’ve had camps similar to this in Philadelphia. You hate it when it happens and you hope it stops pretty soon and nobody else goes down. Those guys that step in have to just step up and we all collectively have to do a better job."
On if he took some ice cream after practice:

"No, I didn’t get any ice cream. I’m going to probably get some inside."
On what his favorite flavor of ice cream is:

"I don’t really have a favorite flavor. I’m kind of an all encompassing, if you want to call it that. I love them all. Let’s put it that way."
On if getting the ice cream today helps the team:

"Yes it does. Yes it does. This is a very physical camp as you guys well know. To do things like this adds a little something to it. Like you said – a little boost and, you know, football is fun and ice cream is obviously fun to eat."
On why he was still catching balls while the team was getting ice cream:

"That’s because I dropped two picks this camp already. I need to have my mind over there catching some balls off the jug so I want – that won’t happen in games."
On if he is excited about going to INVESCO Field at Mile High tomorrow night:

"I mean, any time I come out, I come out here to practice, period, because what we are trying to do. You need to be excited. Obviously it’s going to be a little more juice in the atmosphere because it is in the stadium. We still have some things to work on and get better at, so that will be the main focus for me."
On whether he recognized the ice cream truck music right away:

"Actually, I didn’t have a clue what was going on. I figured, they were putting back on the music and someone actually put that on their playlist and I was like, ‘What?’ But then, you know, found out it was the ice cream truck so it was a cool surprise."
On whether the veterans shared with the rookies:

"(Laughing) No, they shared with the rookies. Maybe you had to get a little bit for the vets."
On whether he’s excited for tomorrow’s practice at INVESCO Field at Mile High:

"Yeah, it’ll be fun. I’m looking forward to just stepping foot in that stadium and just seeing what it’s all about."

On whether he felt more comfortable at practice today:

"I think so. I was just playing fast because I’m learning the playbook better so I started to play fast once I knew what I was doing."
On whether the coaches have said anything to him about appearing more comfortable
"They just told me I look a little faster in what I’m doing because I’m not hesitant, I’m just going fast and I know what to do."
On whether today was a good confidence builder:

"Yeah, it helped out a lot. I think from here on, I think I can just have the mentality to just go fast at all times and I’ll be fine. Just stay in my playbook and I should be OK."
On whether feeling more comfortable will improve his performance:

"I think so because the main thing that I was really working on (that) I was most worried about the most time was getting off the press but now that I’ve been working on it and am better at it, I’m fine."
On whether he recognized the ice cream truck music:

"I was like, ‘I know he isn’t coming on the field.’ I didn’t know, I thought he just snuck on the field but (Head Coach Josh McDaniels) said, ‘Go get some ice cream,’ so I was like, ‘Hey, practice is over with (laughing)!’"
On whether he’s excited about tomorrow night’s practice at INVESCO Field at Mile High:

"Yeah, I am. I just want to get out there and first time going to the stadium to see how it is."

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