a few notes from Invesco practice....

The fam and I attended the open practice tonight at Invesco  Field....Mile High Stadium.  Here are some random notes and perspectives:

Tebow and D. Thomas:  These two look like they belong in the NFL.  No doubts in my mind now.  Yeah, they're both rough around the edges (especially Tebow), but once they get some out.  I'm excited for their futures.  Tebow got quite a bit of rep work tonight and during his last series looked VERY GOOD, IMO.  He had 2-3 passes in that series that I swear were going to be picked off, but he threaded the needle.  I can't wait to see what he can do in the preseason.  All about baby steps.....

Tebow's haircut....seeing that live?  WOW.  LOL!  That was an experience.  We were sitting at the 50 yd. line on the west side and a large group of us were chanting "Take it off!.....Take it off!...."  in regards to Tebow removing his helmet.  It was very entertaining.

Bay Bay's injury.....I saw it happen.  He caught the ball mid air and a couple of defenders were at his feet and he landed awkwardly with a little hop at the end.  WHAT IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND PURE IS GOING ON IN BRONCOLAND!!  Why all the injuries!  Between Decker and Bay Bay, I'm very concerned and hope for the best on the injury front.  Ugh.....

Orton.....looked mostly solid tonight.  Solid, but unspectacular.  His last series on the field, however, was below average.  He just doesn't have the "oomph" or the big play ability to his game, IMO.  He doesn't have the "it" factor, whether that's playing with a chip on your shoulder or the eye of the tiger or whatever you want to call it.  I'm not an Orton basher - I really want him to succeed - but I'm going to temper my enthusiasm for him this season.  He need's to "up" his game.

The GQ Model (aka Brady Quinn)......very average tonight.  Yeah, I've never been one of his supporters and tonight he did nothing to sway me to think positively regarding him (and I AM trying to be objective).  For you folks who actually think he's got a shot to unseat the Big O for the top QB gig....I want whatever your having, because Quinn is in the rookies stages.  Tonight he had 1 or 2 decent passes.  However, the long bomb he had for B. Lloyd (?) was thrown behind him otherwise Lloyd had his man beat by 5 yds. on the way to a TD.  Quinn's accuracy with the football is lacking.  I truly believe, even though he's an experienced pro of a few years, that he's in the same boat as Tebow regarding the learning curve.

Brandon Lloyd.....looks pretty solid.  Runs good routes and is decisive.  Should be a great year for the kid.

EDDIE! Royal......also looks great.  Very decisive and fast.  IMO, he's like lightning out there in the slot.

That's all I can think of right now.  Obviously, I was just focusing in tonight on the QB's and WR's.  I will say, however, that #76, Mr. Jamal, is one HUGE dude!  If he's healthy this year.....daddy like.  :)

One last thing:  As I alluded to, all the fans around me seemed to have a great time.  Except for the bunghole sitting directly behind me, that is.  Every....single....word....out of his mouth was negative all freakin' night.  I was almost pulling my hair out.  I wanted to ask the schmoe, Why the $@!% did you even come tonight????  The target of most of his negativity was Mr. Tebow.  I could barely stand it, the guy was an ass.  If Beavis and Butthead had an offspring, it would of been this dude, because I swear I could of heard his hissing through his braces.  Note to you "fans" who have zero respect for others (especially kids!) around you, if you want to incessantly complain about "your" team, do so in the privacy of your home so the rest of us adults don't have to hear your moronic crap.

Thanks for reading.  :)

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