Out of Hiding: Mdierk's take on the Broncos

Hi Folks!  Hope ya'll are having a great weekend.


Here is my impression of last week's Training can see more after the jump.





As you can see, the prairie rattlesnake has decided to visit Dove Valley.  How else can you describe the injuries to key players this offseason and preseason than being snake bit?  I know it's football, but this is pretty excessive.  From OL (Ryan Clady, Chris Kuper) to RB (Knowshon Moreno, Correll Buckhalter) to LB (Elvis Dumervil, Jarvis Moss) and WR (Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker) I do hope that all of their recoveries are rapid.  Dumervil, in my opinion, is out for the season though.  I would rather have him fully healed and his muscle strengthened for 2011 than risk aggravating the injury in December/January.  I know this looks bad, but the season is not lost.

2010 for the Denver Broncos will be a time for a few more growing pains.  What I do like about this group is that there is mix of veteran and youth on the roster.  I do expect to see a better grasp in blocking concepts for the OL.  They have the bruisers up front, so now it's time to punch the league in the mouth.  Kyle Orton will be more improved and comfortable in the offense this year.  I personally am not sure how they will set the QB's (Quinn and Tebow) on game day, it could make for some interesting decisions.  Since the NFL is restrictive on how third string/emergency QB's are handled, I'm not sure how Josh McDaniels will handle this.  It would be interesting how they handle this if Tebow is used in the Wild Horses at different times of the game.  If he is the #3 QB, he won't go into the game unless there are injuries to both Orton and Quinn or it is the 4th quarter.  I think Tim Tebow will play sparingly this season.  The only way he starts is if Orton and Quinn are out for long periods of time or if the season is lost and the playoffs are no where close to reality.  Tebow is the future, but his time has not come yet.

Congrats to Floyd Little and his enshrinement in Canton.  He gave a great speech last night.  I wasn't old enough to watch him live, but seeing some clips of him shows me how special he was to the Broncos.  Could you imagine if he never donned a Broncos uniform?  We could be talking as if Denver was an expansion team now (like Houston).  I certainly hope this helps open the flood gates for more deserving former Broncos.  Shannon Sharpe had better be in next year.  It is a travesty that he is not in Canton right now.

Well, that is all I have to say right now.  I have been busy with fatherhood and trying to land a better job.  I just interviewed for an opening that could return me to Colorado.  If I land the job, I will tell you more.  I don't want to jinx myself and not get it.

Back into hiding.....have a great rest of the weekend, and GO BRONCOS!!!  (Please stop getting injured!)

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