Invesco Practice - Thoughts and Observations

Went to the training camp practice at Invesco last night, and it was a very good experience! If you haven't been to one of the practices at Invesco before, you should really try to make it to on sometime in the future, assuming they keep it up.  It was great being able to see Floyd Little's induction speech on Thundervision, it just really made me, as someone who never saw him play, really appreciate him even more

Everybody Loves Tebow - It was blatantly obvious that just about everybody in attendance loved it when Tim Tebow was on the field, but seeing as how about 7,000 more people showed up than last year, it's safe to bet that Tebow was a huge reason for many people to come. Every once in a while you could hear a group of people somewhere in the stadium chanting "Tebow! Tebow! Tebow!" Whenever he walked into the huddle, the crowd just got louder, and when the goal line drills ended and he hadn't gotten any reps, many people started booing. Whenever he completed a pass or broke off a run, everybody cheered, and he gave people plenty of opportunities to cheer. Nobody seemed to care that he looked like Friar Tuck with his new haircut, because hey, he's still Tim Tebow!

More People, Less Booing - I'm sure everybody remembers hearing about or witness all of the booing that took place at the Invesco practice last year, when Matt Prater missed a kick or Kyle Orton made a mistake. This year, not so much. The team didn't really give people reason to boo, as it only happened twice that I can remember. Once, when Tebow didn't get any goal line work, and also when Prater kicked a field goal into the stands and the fan who caught it had to give up the ball. Even when the running game couldn't do anything in the goal line drills, people cheered on the defense.

Quarterbacks Looking Good - All of the quarterbacks played well last night, and none of them threw an interception. Kyle Orton was dead accurate on most of his throws, many of which went to Brandon Lloyd, and on a few plays he actually looked somewhat mobile as he rolled out of the pocket. I don't feel really worried about having him at the helm another year. Brady Quinn did good, but didn't really stand out, although he showed that he can throw the long bomb if he needs to. Tim Tebow stole the show, though, as he completed pass after pass (often to Demaryius Thomas) and got plenty of work in the scrimmage session, much to the delight of those in attendance. It looked like he was trying to just rifle all of his passes to his receiver, instead of throwing some floaters like the other two, and this worked out. He even got some work in during the other quarterbacks' drives, coming in every once in a while to show off his running skills, possibly a preview of his role this season. His throwing motion still isn't perfect, but that didn't seem to be a factor. Overall, I feel very confident in our quarterbacks, and whoever winds up starting (probably Orton) should be successful.

Demaryius Thomas Lights It Up - Before he hurt his foot coming down with a touchdown, the big rookie receiver was showing everybody why he was the first receiver taken in the draft this year. He seemed to make a great catch whenever the ball was thrown in his direction, helping make each of the quarterbacks look better. He and Tebow really had a rhythm going together, getting many excited to see how TnT Connection performs in real action.

Receiving Corps Solid - While Thomas was busy looking like an absolute beast, the rest of the receivers were having a good practice, too. Brandon Lloyd seemed to be Kyle Orton's favorite target, and he made some nice plays. Eddie Royal, Brandon Stokley, and Matthew Willis all were consistently making good catches. While Jabar Gaffney didn't appear to be getting the ball thrown his direction as much, he made a great catch in the back of the end zone while managing to keep his feet inbounds.

Healthy Offense Needed - With backs Knowshon Moreno, Correll Buckhalter, and LenDale White all sitting out practice with injuries, the remaining running backs didn't impress, and the loss of starting linemen Ryan Clady and Chris Kuper was also noticeable. During goal line work, the offense never scored, and throughout practice the running game didn't look anywhere near as good as the passing game. One bright spot was when Toney Baker broke of a nice touchdown run in the scrimmage session, but it is still obvious that the Broncos need their starters back.

Other - The return game was somewhat inconsistent, as some players managed to break off what would have been scoring returns on kickoffs, while on punt returns the team didn't fare as well, muffing a few punts. Alphonso Smith didn't impress in this facet of the game.... The session was generally geared towards the offense, with no contact allowed on the QB, but the defense looked really good in goal line work. It's hard to tell how much of this was due to the injuries on offense... J.D. Walton struggled going one-on-one with Jamal Williams, but it should help him down the road... Britton Colquitt looked good, I think he should be able to stick around for a while.

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