What I'm Looking for: Pre-season, Game 1

Wow, ain't it great? Finally the Broncos are suiting back up and preparing for yet another season. I usually don't put much stock into pre-season games but I feel this one is pretty important. We have a lot of questions and I'm looking to see if this game can provide some answers

QB's: I am fully behind Orton this year, but I'd like to see him stretch the field a bit in this game. We know he's accurate, and we know he's smart with the ball, but we also know he needs to improve his deep ball, and I see no reason why McD won't want Orton to test the cannon Sunday. I'm also looking to see how Brady and Tebow are coming along.

RB's: not looking for much here. I believe when the regular season comes around these guys that are healthy now will probably be gone or maybe might hang around as a 3rd back. I'd like to see Lendale White in some short yardage situations but I'm not sure if he'll be full go then.

OL: Here's what I'm looking at most. We know their bodies are much bigger this year, and I'd like to see that translate by opening holes in the power game. I'm going to throw in Larsen with this group as well, and I want to see how he does as a lead blocker and also see how much McD will use him. The FB is HUGE in the power scheme, which is why I was surprised we used it so little. Also interested to see how we do in pass pro. The OL has let up a lot of "sacks" in TC and I want to see if they can reduce this number.

WR's: They've been the surprise of camp, and I hope they can continue it Sunday. So far has proven a deep group which should be great for keeping our 3 WR formations fresh. The Bengal's secondary should be a good test. Also, I'm interested to see how a couple of players will be used. Will Royal man the slot? Will Decker be the Ed McCaffrey a lot of people expect him to be (meaning solid possesion WR)? Will D Thom be used as a deep threat, a screen guy, or both (Obviously for Decker and D Thom this will depend on health)? How will Gaff do being the main guy? And how does the rest of the depth do in action? My expecations are high for this group and I hope McD utilizes there unique strengths to form a formidable passing game.

DL: I hope McD doesnt use the newly acquired vets too much. They've been around the game and know what they are doing. I'm more interested to see how the young depth does and see if A. They can prove to be good rotational players by causing us not to miss a beat and B. See if anyone has potential to be a starter once the oldies are gone (I'm looking at you Baker)

LB's: Where will Haggan play? Will he be the OLB only until Moss comes back? We won't find that out this game, unless we discover we don't have anyone decent at ILB. Who will start next to DJ and will they prove reliable if Haggan has to play most of the season at OLB? Also, biggest question, how will Wink generate a rush without Doom? Will he rely on a Jets like scheme where you create pressure while leaning on your seconday, which we have one where we can afford to? Or will we trust Ayers, Haggan, and the DL to generate most of the rush?

Secondary: How will the young studs so far through training camp do? Who commands most of the time at Nickel, and who does the best there? How far have McBath and Bruton progressed, how much of the 3-3-5 will we use, and will it be with 3 CB's or 3 S's? Continuing with the 3-3-5, will Nate Jones be used as a CB/S hybrid in that scheme, remember, he has played both so far through TC? Nothing real dramatic here but it should prove some insight on the state of this secondary for the future.

That's what I'm looking for in this game, Let me know if I missed something I should look for in this game or anything you disagree with.

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