Observations from Mile High Practice

My Family and I attended the Practice at Mile High this past saturday and had a blast. I would've posted sooner, but we just back to ABQ, NM last night. Any way here are a couple of things that stood out to me: (A lot are the same as Bronco man27's earlier post)

1. Our rookie wide receivers look great. D.Thomas had a great practice and was catching everything thrown his way. I think he will make up for the Marshall loss sooner rather than later. Decker is Huge. He comes in and out of his breaks very fast almost Stokleyish. I can definitely see him keeping a lot of drives alive with some slants over the middle.

2. Robert Ayers had a great practice and was blowing up thew line scrimmage with consistency. He plays fast and hopefully this doesn't lead to over pursuing during Live Games. Overall he looks like part of the answer to filling in for Doom. Too bad we couldn't  see both rushing off the edge together. 

3. During the O-line vs. D-line drills (which were right in front of me) Jamal Williams was blowing up the middle of the Line with consistency. On another note during the drills, Tyler Polumbus looked slow and had sloppy footwork. Hopefully Clady returns for week 1 because i don't see Orton surviving a pass rush from the left with Polumbus or Batiste at LT. Zane Beadles looked good in the 1on1 drills and held his own. He moves well for a big body.

4. All three QBs looked good but it was kind of hard to judge because some of the completions would have been sacks. Orton does look like the leader of the O and walks around with a quite confidence. He puts the ball where only the receiver can get it and throws the most catchable ball of the 3. Tebow came in for a QB keeper with the first string, maybe showing things to come during the season. He showed poise and confidence when throwing the ball and moved the offense well. Quinn threw well but received the least reps of all 3.

5. Ronald Fields has to have the biggest set of calves i have ever seen on a human. I love the idea of playing him next to J Williams in some 4-3 looks.

6. The autograph session after the practice was great.Eddie Royal is truly a class act and was the last person to leave the field. B Dawk and Tebow stayed and signed a lot. Tebow would have probably stayed longer if he didn't have so many people in his ear. 

My Prediction for this year is 10-6 with the D carrying us most of the way and The O catching on late after key rookies catch up to the NFL pace.

All in All it was a great day and i plan on returning next year. Anybody that cant make it to  a game this year and has season tix hit me up i'll take em of your hands for a reasonable price. 

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