A dose of reality - what you need after today

K.  We're not bad.  In fact, we're prettyt good.  But as you have to admit if you actually watched the game, we're not that good either.  That is, the fourth best team in the AFC South just beat us.  Should we have won?  Sure.  Woulda coulda shoulda . . .  Anyhoo, I'm super-frustrated.  This is ridiculous.  We're better than this.  With Harris and Doom, we win that game by 3 touchdowns, in my opinion. 


1.  Ryan Harris' absence was felt more than I could ever say.  We missed him big-time.  I said this last year after he got hurt in KC, he's the most important player on our team - provides a run presence, etc.  

2.  Our D did o.k.  Still, O.k. is not enough.  We have multiple pro-bowlers, Champ, Dawk, Hill . . ., if they play at the top of their game, we can't lose that game.

3.  McD's obsession with bringing Tebow into the game early killed our early rhythm and lost us the game.  I am as big a Tebow fan/apologist as anyone, but this cannot be ignored.  We should've jumped on them as we did with everyone else.  Tebow was simply an early-game distraction.  Unfortunately, it distracted us more than it distracted them.  I love the guy, but Orton needs the reps early.  That was hard to watch.  I'm not going to lie.  

4.  Knowsh looked pretty good.  Buck, didn't really look like buck.  I'll be honest, we need another tailback.      


- We are a damn good team.

- We can stop the run, despite the deficienacies of our play-caller - Wink.

- Kyle Orton, when not hampered by Tebow, can win us a game.  

-Tim Tebow was not utilized correctly.  I know you will all want to kill me for this.  The right way to use Tebow was halfway through the third quarter.  It would've thrown them off-guard and allowed Tebow to do what he does best - throw the freaking pigskin - should we have made it look like tebow was a red herring.  He could've helped us in the second half.  I don't really care what you think.  I'm right.  

Adam, yeah, that's right.  My name is Adam.  I'll say, without hesitation that the broncos are the best team in the AFC west.  Still, we need to pull it out and play some F(!%^&* football.  Go Broncos!


Adam - the A in gjcontingent-rAd.  The R is Ryan and the d is Dan.    


I like the thought.  I just think we did a poor job of executing.  That said, we can be better.  We can win the division.  We can win a lot of games.  STILL, we have a lot of way to go.


I hope you all realize that what I'm saying is out of tough love.  I love this team more than you can ever imagine.  But it's real.  





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