A positive look at the rest of the schedule!!!!

Yes losing to the Jaguars sucks but Denver still has 15 games left to play and I am going to give a Half Full look at the rest of the schedule!!!!  


Jaguars = Loss but the positives , Orton looks to be better QB than last year.  Our WR's can more than make up for the loss of Brandon Marshall.

Seahawks =   Sure Seattle won their opener against San Fran but has Alex Smith ever been considered a good QB???  No and Denver is going to have a must win attitude in their home opener!!!    WIN

Colts =    Peyton Manning is still great but the Colts showed that their team is struggling on the Oline and have no run game.  This game in Denver is Winnable.    Win

Titans =   Tough road game and Denver might struggle with Chris Johnson.  Loss

Ravens =  Back to Back road games and Denver has a tough time with the Ravens. Loss

Jets =   This is a very winnable game.  The Jets are stuggling passing the ball and I think were dumb to let Thomas Jones go.  Shonn Greene struggled in opening game.  Win

Oakland =  Denver is going to have to sweep the Raiders this year to have any shot at making the Playoffs.  I don't buy that the Raiders are a much improved team.  Win

49ers =    This game is in London and I think is very winnable.  Again Alex Smith has shown me nothing as a QB.  Win


So half way thru the season Denver has a chance at being 5-3 or 4-4.  Not bad and the 2nd half of the season isn't as tough as the 1st.

Chiefs =   Matt Cassell threw for less than 100 yards.  Denver has to win this game at home.  Win

ChargersI for 1 think that the Chargers aren't as talented a team as they were in the past.  This is a winnable game but I will say Loss

St Louis RamsThe Rams are a little better but not alot.   Enough said = Win

KC =    Sure KC is tough at home but I think that Denver is going to have to win 1 game they aren't suppose to and this is it.  Win

Arizona Cardinals =   The Cardinals aren't the same team without Warner and this is a short road trip and VERY WINNABLE.  Win

Oakland Raiders =   I said again if Denver wants to make the Playoffs Denver must sweep The Raiders.  Win

Houston Texans =     Very tough game.  Their Offense is very good and I don't think Denver can score enough to win this game.  Loss

Chargers =    Last game of the year at home.  Denver has to win this game.  Win


What I am saying is that Denver has 11 Winnable games.  I don't think that The Jets are as good as some thought and I think Denver's 2nd half schedule is alot easier than their 1st. 

Anything can happen , just look at week 1 where 7 playoff teams from 2009 LOST -  Chargers , Vikings , Jets , Bengals , Colts , Philly and Dallas.

You have to give McDaniels some credit with Trading Brandon Marshall.  Denver got 2 - 2nd Round Picks and I think we are loaded at WR with -    Gaffney , Lloyd, Royal , Decker , Willis and of course Demaryius Thomas.

Next year's 2011 2nd Round pick via Miami can bring a Excellent Player!!!! 

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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