I Hate You, Mile High Report.

I wish I had a gentler, more sensitive way to put this, but there's just no way around it.


I hate you, Mile High Report.


Why? Because you have RUINED my life!! I am so totally addicted. I hate you the way an alcoholic hates that next beer. I hate you the way a drug user hates that next hit. I am using you, Mile High Report, an average of once every 10 minutes AT LEAST, all day.


When I'm at work, you're constantly up on my computer screen, teasing me, DARING me to quit. And I can't. I am hopelessly, forever in your debt and you KNOW it.

When I'm at home, pretending to listen to my wife talk about her day, I escape to the internet browser on my cell phone and feel that rush of Broncos Information coursing through my intillect. I can't even escape you by watching TV; I stop during commercial breaks or during slow-moving plot developing scenes to check injury updates and to read the heartfelt story of the latest practice squad hero who probably won't last another week. I hate you, because of your excellence. I can't just live my life; I can't pull away.

WHY am I so addicted? Oh Geez, let me see...

-THE BEST analysis on the web, PERIOD, about anything football related.

-The BEST football education tools, anywhere on the web, period.

-The most accurate and up-to-date Broncos information on the web, period.

-The most intelligent commentors and, consequently, the most intelligent football discussion anywhere.

-The most courteous commentors as well, and the least ad-hominem attacks of any sports discussion board.

-The most INFORMATION, period of any other sports team specific  website.

And another thing, Mile High Report, you re-ignited my love for the Broncos!!! I mean, why couldn't I continue along my happy little way just being a casual fan? Why, oh why did you have to swoop in, interrupt my perfect little world and say "Hey man, try a little of this. It's the GOOD stuff!" (Darn MHR University!!!) Because of you, I DIE when the Broncos lose. I nearly CRIED tears of joy for the Immaculate Deflection! I just don't know if I can handle these kinds of highs and lows; this obsession is taking a toll on my family life!

And speaking of that, this is the worst part. I think my family is getting sucked in. I catch my wife asking me who the starting RB will be this week. My son sneaks a 'touchdown' sign in behind my back when the Broncos score. And as the final nail in the coffin, my wife actually bought us all matching Broncos shirts last week.

I know it's hopeless. I know I'll never be free, but I just had to let you know how I feel, Mile High Report. You have ruined my life, and it will never be the same. I hate you.

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