Shall I Compare Thee to a Sulking Seahawk? - Seattle Limericks

You know the drill. Read a Limerick.... Consider how much better you are at making Limericks....Make a Limerick... Read your Limerick quietly to yourself while you admire the creativity and humor of your creation.... Someone makes a better Limerick than you.... and repeat.

It is Seattle Seahawks week. The Limerick Wars are not dead. We've done it in the past and MHR will continue to slam people with similies, rock your world with rhymes, and mutilate your minds with metaphor and meter.

Get your poetry hat on, MHR. It's time for some Limericks.

Come one and come all, Broncos fans
Get involved and don’t sit in the stands
These limericks are fun
So try and make one
It’s no fun if y’all sit on your hands


Ode to Alex Gibbs....
Oh the Seahawks are done, I must say
It's a shame that they've been in dismay
But when you're that bad
Relief cannot be had
Even coaches are wise to walk away

Kool Aid
The Seahawks claim to have game?
But week 1 and week 2 aren't the same
Please come down to earth
And see what you're worth
Life's hard when you trade TJ Whosyou'remomshmazilly.... what's name?


Remember MHR, that Limericks are one of the most advanced forms of insult. It's much higher than a "Your Mom" joke.

Although sending an advanced form of insult toward the Seahawk nation is reason enough to participate, I'll throw in another incentive. For the commenter with the best limerick, that limerick will be placed in a front page article later in the week (as agreed upon by the other MHR Staff members). So, write some good ones, MHR (and Seahawks fans, too... we don't discriminate here at MHR). Now, you don't want a Seahawks fan to come into our house and get their limerick on the front page, do you? If you just answered "ABSOLUTELY NOT!" then you better start writing some killer rhymes and make sure that it is you that gets a limerick on a front page article.

None of my limericks will be posted on a front page article, although I'll still be around to throw down a lyrical nuke or two during the week. Why do I continue to write limericks despite the fact that I can't win the prize?... Well, it's easy. I respect the game too much.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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