Beat the Seahawks, Bring the Thunder

You gotta love the home opener.  In the past the Broncos have been very successful in home openers, sporting a 23-3 record since Pat Bowlen took over ownership of the team.  There are going to be several important factors to winning the home opener and improving to 1 and 1. 

Keys to Victory:

1. Rocky Mountain Thunder: No not my name.  The sound the Mile High Faithful make by stomping on the metal floor and cheering loudly. Invesco is at times one of the loudest and most intimidating places to play.  It will never be as loud as the old stadium but last year during the New England and Dallas games, the stadium was rocking. 

This will take everyone who reads MHR and is going to the game this sunday to be their sections cheerleader.  Yell as loud as you can, stomp your feet and raise your hands to get those around you to make noise.  Sometimes people just need a little encouragement.  I implore you to think of those who can't make it to the game.  If they were there, they would break glass with their screams.  Cheer loud for all of Mile High Report, our reputation is at stake here. 

Also, if you have a yuppie in year section who tells you that you're too loud, remind them this is football and part of the game day experience.  Also tell them to move back to Seattle.  (P.S. Don't get thrown out for use of vulgar or offensive language)

2. Orton, Throw that Ball: I believe the Seahawks will gear up to stop the run but their LB and Secondary is vulnerable to the pass. Tatupu and Curry are great LB but if they have a weakness it's pass coverage.  Spread them out with multiple wr sets and let Orton make the right decision.  Pass to score, build up a lead and then run to win. Hopefully Eddie Royal is healthy as I believe he could dominate this game from the slot position. If not I believe Decker can step up in this position.   

3.  Heat and Altitude: Where as the heat was a disadvantage for the Broncos in Jacksonville, here the hot dry climate could put the Seahawks out of their comfort zone, not to mention the altitude. Forecast for Sunday is somewhere between the high 80's and low 90's. Long sustained drives with short methodical passes and effective runs will wear them down. And based on the injury report, their depth is suffering. 

4.  Hunter and Prey- With young tackles out there I expect Robert Ayers to face the prospect of double teams and TE and RB help.  This will leave Jason Hunter 1 on 1 to sack the quarterback.  I believe this is his chance to shine.  He has played well learning new position and I think this week we see the fruits of his labor.  I think he is well suited to the OLB position. 

5. You are Special, Just Like Everybody Else:  Fix the kickoff coverage(i.e. Jarvis Moss please maintain your lane)  Colquitt continue your awesome punting.  Prater will be Matt Prater, and our special teams won't be a liability in this game like it was vs. Jax.

Go Broncos, Beat the Waterfowl. 

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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