Worry Gauge - Week 2

Ok, so after we killed ourself with penalties and a couple turnovers in the first game, yet still almost tied it at the end, there is some confidence to be gained. But as it stands now, we are 0-1, the Seahawks are 1-0, and we have to sure up our problems lest we slip to a rough 0-2 start with a tough part of our schedule coming up.


Worry Scale:

Not Worried

Slightly Worried




QB - Not Worried

Kyle Orton was not fancy, but he was as efficient as we talked about him being all preseason long. Against a mediocre secondary in the the Seattle Seahawks, he should have a good day. Other factors around him may hurt (such as O-line) but as far as our offensive leader Orton is concerned, I am not worried at all.


O-line - Worried

I am not going to panic just yet, as the Seahawks do not have an outstanding pass rush, but their run defense looked relatively good last week against a solid 49ers O-line and a stellar running back in Frank Gore. I am not banking on our run game being able to take over this game, as the O-line just doesn't have ability to push defenders back. All I want them to do is keep Orton alive though, because at least then we have a fighting chance. If they can't do that, I will have nowhere else to go but to panic land.


RB - Slightly Worried

Can you imagine what our team would be like if we had Josh McDaniels' passing attack with a top tier running game? As it stands now, we can't imagine that, because our running game is struggling. Now, I do not pin all the blame squarely on the shoulders of Knowshon Moreno and the rest of our running backs, as our O-line continues to struggle with providing running lanes, but we need more from our runners now. Orton is doing his part, our receivers are doing their part, but our running game cannot provide a consistent spark. Now, Moreno was coming back from injury, and that is why I am only slightly worried. He didn't really have running plays with yardage lost, but he only had a few really decent runs. Maybe his hamstring healing up with fix this, but I cannot help but be skeptical at this point.


WR - Slightly Worried

I will be the first to admit that I cannot believe I saw Brandon Lloyd finally do something in a Denver Broncos uniform. Will that last? I certainly hope so. The main reason I have the WR coprs as slightly worrisome is because of Eddie Royal's injury. I know we have depth, but Royal was a pivotal part of our passing attack from the slot, and asking Eric Decker to step up and fill those shoes in his second actual game is a gamble. Aside from that, our team looked great and I am certainly happy with the talent Orton has at his disposal.


TE - Slightly Worried

We have our tight ends to block, and catch the occasional pass, which is what they did. Unfortunately, was their blocking really that amazing? I know they helped, but we NEED them to help cover for our weak O-line. I do not understand why little help was sent Ryan Clady's way when it was pretty obvious he was not near 100%. We need them to seal off the sides. Or else we will struggle protecting Orton.


D-Line - Worried

I know it was their first real game together, but were the new guys not brought in to help sure up what was a porous run defense? There was less improvement than most of us were hoping for. I know they can have a wonderful year, they have the potential, but until I see it I cannot help but be worried every time they take the field. At least they are going against a running back by committee full of halfbacks who are of average skill, and they are going against an average O-line. If they cannot stop the Seahawks consistently, it is panic time.


LB - Slightly Worried

I was so excited when Ayers got his sack in this game, because I thought maybe it was showing we were going to have an alright pass rush, but the Jacksonville Jaguars adjusted, and we were unable to provide a lot of pressure after that. I know the linebackers do not only concentrate on pass rushing, as they also have to stop the run, which was mainly their job last game as our D-line did not make too many stops. In coverage, they were decent, but they have to be careful they do not slip up against Leon Washington, who is showing some signs of regaining his pre-injury ability, and John Carlson, who is severely underrated in the league. 

Also, I love DJ Williams and everything he brings to the table.


DB - Not Worried

We give up too many big pass plays, mainly over the middle, but we are alright against swing passes and short routes. The main reason? Lack of pass rush. Our DB's can cover the opponents' routes quickly, but you give a quarterback and his receivers' too much time, they will always find a seam. You cannot cover a guy forever, and our DB's are on the bad end of this proven truth. They still looked good overall though, and I am not worried about them against the Seahwaks receiving corps.


K / P - Not Worried

Prater is awesome. Colquitt is better than we have had in a while. That is as short and sweet as I can make it.


Coverage Teams - Panic!

I do not care if I am overreacting, I am not going to panic whenever we kick off. Sure the Jags return man was fast, but so what. Not touching him until the 48 yard line is inexcusable, and will put our defense in too precarious a position. We need to improve, and soon!


Kick/Punt return unit - Slightly Worried

I am putting this one up this time because we were thought to have smooth sailing with this aspect of our special teams, with Royal and our rookies. We did not look to sharp, which in turn made Orton have to drive down the field on longer drives. I know the Jags last season had on the best coverage teams, but if we do not win the battle on special teams more frequently, we will struggle to beat the teams we are expected to.


Coaching - Not Worried

McDaniels believes in Orton running is offense, and it looks as though his belief was well placed. Now, I full expect him to out coach Pete Carrol, and to utilize his offensive gameplan to pick apart a Seahawks team with too many holes, but if he loses to Seattle, Broncos fans will start to get worried about us falling into an 0-2 hole.



I believe we have the better team overall, and will make the Seahawks pick their poison when trying to cover our receivers, which gives us a huge advantage. On the other side of the ball, if the Seahawks had a better running game, I would be more worried, but as it stands, I think we will be fine stopping their stable of RB's. We will allow some points, but I think we will remain ahead most of the game.

Score: Denver - 24 Seattle - 17


Broncos Win!

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