Knee Jerk Reactions to Seattle game

Again, these are knee jerk reactions.

QB Play – Orton again looked solid, not spectacular.  Again did a good job of distributing the ball to a lot of players.  Did have some issues with accuracy early, but seemed to progress with the game.  Overall grade: A-

RB Play – Aside from an impressive run on a screen play, Moreno again underwhelmed me.  He had some nice early runs and I thought he may be primed for a big day with the Seahawks dealing with the heat and altitude.  But again he seemed to disappear and was routinely stuffed in the backfield and struggled on short yardage.  Buckhalter looked more explosive on his touches, but had a bad day catching the ball.  Overall grade: C-

TE Play – Graham was steady and they (Quinn and Graham) were kept in quit a bit to pass block, seemed to have a decent day, not spectacular but kept Orton clean for most of the day.  Overall grade: B

WR Play – Great, lots of guys involved, plays coming from all over the field.  Nice runs after the catches and made all the catches.  Overall grade: A+

O-line – Up and down, pass blocking was better than I expected, but struggled to get much push on running plays.  This line needs Harris and Kuper to come back, Seattle is not what I would call a dominate front, although sizable.  Overall grade: C

D- Line – Poor is all I could say, they failed to generate pressure and their run defense was poor.  I really have no idea why Seattle went away from the run game, as they were dominate early and Denver had no answer for it.  Thankfully the backfield bailed them out.  Overall Grade: D

LB – Better than last week, but run defense is still lacking, way too many cut back lanes on the backside and guys lost containment again.  Pass rush was so-so, Hassleback didn’t seem too pressured for most of the game and seemed to make unforced errors for the most part. Overall Grade: C+

DB – Great game, much better coverage over the middle where we got burned last week.  They made plays when they needed to.  To me this unit won the game for us.  Overall grade: A

ST Play – Aside from the fumble recovery on the muffed punt, this unit again looked terrible in coverage, Cox doesn’t seem to be comfortable in returning kicks and seems hesitant.  Lucky we were up high enough that this didn’t cost us like last week, but it needs to get fixed, and soon.  Overall grade: D-

Offensive Play Calling – Very good, I am a little tired of the WR screens since they usually get smelled out early, but with Seattle fighting the heat and altitude, the idea of getting guys running all over the field was very good and effective.  We were able to protect Orton pretty well with a patchwork O-line.  Overall grade: A-

Defensive Play Calling – Not sure what to put here.  Seattle seemed to move the ball at will and generally shot themselves in the foot with poor execution of plays, penalties, and turnovers.  The defense made plays when they had to, but again that was more the athletic ability of our DB and poor throws, versus the defense creating the opportunities.  Overall grade: C     

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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