The no BS review: Broncos Vs Seahawks

It is something else to see us beat a team like that.  I sure love when we have someone down and are just beating them over the head repeatedly with a stick at the end of the game.  Don't get me wrong, there was plenty bad in this game and we got some good breaks.  If we measure our season by wins and loses (and I do), then we must also measure how a game is going based on the score.  Looking at it from that point of view, I really like this win.   Let's dig a little deeper though.

  • Let's start off positive...I knew from what we saw through training camp that our WRs were going to be a serious strength this year.  This game really showed how much.  These guys were catching stuff all over the place.  If we can keep Orton's jersey clean, they will consistently give us a potent offense to work with.
  • Orton did good, but I saw at least 5 plays that I would expect him to clean up.  At least 3 of them were our beloved bubble screens.  He HAS to start reading the defense on those and make a better choice than to throw it to a guy who has to break 3 tackles just to get positive yards.  His accuracy was not up to his usual crispness either...he left many yards on the field (and some points for sure) by poorly placed throws.  That being said, this guy was just SICKENING on 3rd down today.  The last time I remember us being that good in a game on 3rd down was back in the Elway days.
  • The stats look horrible, but I really liked Moreno's game today.  He looks like a NFL RB powering into the defense.  He made some slick moves this game and was pushing the ball forward.  If our O-line can start opening him up some lanes (and we start giving him a lead friggin blocker), he will have some seriously big play potential.
  • O-Line A+ on pass protection today.  D on run blocking.  Hear me now Bronco Country:  Their inability to win the LOS and open holes for the RBs is going to lose us precious games if continue to run block so poorly.
  • Playcalling:  We did some fantastic things keeping Seattle off-balance today and then called some very predictable stuff that got snuffed.  Those bubble screens should be the exception, not the constant.  They will work more often for us if used less.  (and see above...part of the problem is Orton not reading the play as it develops)  Even though the run game didn't "work" if you look at that pathetic YPC number, they stuck with it throughout the day and it really did impact the passing game in a positive way.


  • I sure do love me some Bailey, Cox, and Dawkins. 
      • I mention Cox with these guys because that kid can play this game...I can see it and if you don't think so, you are freaking nuts.  He has a bunch to learn, but this game isn't too big for him.
      • Bailey got beat a couple times, but he made the Seahawks pay for throwing on him too.  That INT was sick and I would fully expect Hasselback to know better than to even try that kind of throw on Champ.
      • Dawkins was brining the wood today all over the place.  The old man looked like a kid out there when he got his INT...he was in the receiver's pocket step-for-step.  God Bless you for coming to play with our team Brian Dawkins.
    • Our run defense is starting to suck...against the September.  The sky isn't falling yet, but these guys aren't getting the job done.  We are going to get plowed over by some running games coming up (Balt, Tenn, Oak) if they can't start shutting down the run.  If we don't have a winning record this season, I'm willing to bet it will be due to the poor rush defense.
      • Message for the front 7:  Take out your DBs for supper this week because they so totally covered your rear ends today that it isn't even a little bit funny.
    • To follow up that little ray of sunshine, there was absolutely no pass rush at all today.  I can't even remember noticing us hurrying the QB once, let alone getting a sack (correct me if I'm wrong in the comments).

Special Teams

  • Cox, stop trying to be a friggin hero when you are more than 5 yards deep in the end zone.  The NFL guys are too fast for you to have a good chance to do anything worth while with the ball...I hope you learn your lesson today.  5+ yards deep and you just take a knee my friend.
  • Coverage was again atrocious.  I'm getting sick of us giving up such solid field position to our opponents week in and week out.  (Thanks Styg for the ST review...would love to see you break down this week's as well)

1 - 1 baby!  Go Broncos!

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