Week 2 : Den 31 vs. SEA 14 Observations and Thoughts


Win  1-1

Kyle Orton pads the Stats

25 for 35, 307 yards, 2 TDs

I think Kyle Orton has been doing very well in his first two games this season.   Because the Seahawks were so bad it is difficult to assess those improvements.  Orton played a worse team and had better stats and success.  That only makes sense.  Orton was rarely hurried and he was able to play his game.  However, the play where he ran out of trouble and tried to do his best Michael Vick impression he ended up looking like a doof.  You know that play where Orton does a great job of getting out of trouble, side steps a linemen, is in open space, sees a D-linemen, and then falls to the ground when nobody touches him.  That is about the only negative as Kyle was near perfect going 25 for 35 and over 300 yards and two scores.


Thomas Emerges –

8 Rec, 97 yards, 1 TD

One of the great hopes I have for Denver even having a shot to beat the Colts is that Josh McDaniels is ready to use his new weapon.  Demaryius Thomas has the ability to be a threat above what Brandon Marshall was against Indy last year.  He showed that ability in his debut on Sunday.  Marshall may be a bit bigger and stronger, but the thing that Thomas has over Marshall is the ability to get behind the defense.  Thomas is faster than Marshall and much better at catching over his shoulder.  Marshall likes to post up and turn his back to the defense.  What breaks up defenses is when you can get behind the corners for deep plays. The ability to do that changes the defense and they have to let off of the short routes and running game.  Orton has to connect on one deep pass behind the defense early and that threat will help Denver keep the Colts defense honest and not creep up.  If Thomas doesn’t play much Denver will have a hard time getting behind Indy’s corners.


Moreno has his signature game –

24 carries, 52 rus yards, 1 TD

4 rec, 67 yards

Knowshon had the best game of his career.  Bar none.   With 119 all purpose yards and TD he looked like a feature back.  He made nice runs after contact, and showed good burst.  There is hope yet.  A few more games like that and I will start taking back the things I say about him in my daily ritual.


The O-line

Looked much improved and cohesive.  The rookies stepped up and made less mistakes.  This was a nice practice before facing.

The Secondary

Was awesome!  Bailey and Dawkins stole the show and plucked some nice balls out of the air like a seasoned divorce attorney.  Bailey is still a top 3 corner.  Goodman isn’t too far behind.  The only downside is that our two starting corners got injured. 


The Running D

Still leaks like a sieve. The front three do a good job, but the linebackers can’t seem to get off of blocks, or are out of position.  I think this may have to do more with the play calling than anything else.


Simmer Down Now

As I thought Denver would, they kicked the living snot out of Seattle.  The Seahawks are just not a very good football team, and Denver showed them what a professional football organization is about.  Don’t turn the ball over.  Don’t make stupid mistakes.  Four turnovers were really the story of Sunday as the Hawks lost their focus in a hurry, and the wheels came off.  Denver took advantage of the situation and proceeded to play good and smart football.

With that said, the first win of the season should be cherished.  All of you Bronco zealots that are praising how amazing Denver did against the Seahawks should get your bragging and hollering in for the next five days , because sheriff Manning is coming to town, and the Broncos are about to look similar to the Seahawks at Mile High. 

How many people should beat their chest and do fist pumps after beating a five year old in a game of hoops?   Apparently a few of those people are Bronco fans.   People all over this blog and others just can’t talk enough about how good Denver is and how they have improved.  I have a hard time boasting about the win over a bottom barrel team that will likely be picking in the top five of the draft…..again.  Denver also lost to a Jacksonville team that promptly lost by 25 points to our division rival Chargers.

So what has Denver done?  They lost to an average Jacksonville team, and beat a horrible Seattle team at home.

I am happy that the Broncos were able to get a good win in at the beginning of the season.  However I am not going to sing from the rooftops that Denver is now a contender because they beat the Seahawks.


The Peyton Man (ning) Cometh

Is it me or does it seem like the Colts are in our division.  We seem to play them every single year. 

If anyone was watched the Giants game after Denver’s victory there should be no doubt that the Colts are every bit the juggernaut that they were last year.   As a measuring stick and bragging rights the true test of the Broncos will begin Sunday against the Colts.  Peyton Manning has destroyed the Broncos in nearly every game he has played.  Before anyone tout the 2003 victory in Indy to get into the playoffs remember that Indy had all but locked up their division, and were waiting to play Denver again the following week in the playoffs.   The best game against a Manning lead Colts may have come last year as Brandon Marshall set the single game receptions record.  If Denver somehow manages to win this game then I will believe the Broncos will have turned a corner.



Recent Meetings between the Manning Led Colts

2009 @ Indy 16-28 L

2007 @ Indy 20-38 L

2006 31-34 L

2004 @ Indy 24-49 (Playoffs)

2003 @ Indy 10-41 L (Playoffs)

2003 @ Indy 31-17 W


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