The Good, Bad, & Ugly VS Seahawks + Poll

Quick summary: First things first it was a great team win extending home opening winning streak to 11 games. How great will this team become once they fix Special Teams coverage and Rushing defense still remains a mystery. Special Teams & the Run Defense needs to be solved for this team to be successful and make the playoffs this year. Three Rookies stood out Vaughn, Cox, and Thomas. [Just my opinion]

Finally, for the first time since Moreno was drafted I think he’s finally starting to understand the running scheme. Maybe trading for Maroney has motivated Moreno and he displayed more straight ahead power running. It was obvious to me he was running harder and under more control especially on the screen pass for 45 yards.

Heading into the toughest part of the schedule for the season Broncos will need to play flawless football and hopefully yesterday’s Win will build the CONFIDENCE, CAMARADERIE, CHEMISTRY, and MOMENTUM needed to defeat our next home opponent the Colts.

Chemistry and Momentum can be a great equalizer no matter who the opponent might be. I anticipate all the negatives coming from our friends the media experts… What will they write???

The Good:

1. Champ Bailey INT inside the Red Zone

2. Cassius Vaughn rookie recovers muff catch at 13 yard line, after 58 yd Punt by Colquitt

3. Orton to Royal TD 13 yards 7 to 0 lead

4. Orton to Royal 34 yds to 1yd line on 3rd and 5 huge play to start 2nd qtr could have been TD

5. Buckhalter rushing 1 yd TD for 14 to 0 lead

6. Brian Dawkins INT inside the Red Zone

7. 3:19 Demaryius Thomas accounts for 62 yds on first 4 NFL receptions [18, 20, 9, 9, +15 penalty]

8. Matt Prater 20 yd FG

9. Britton Colquitt punts 58 & 63 yds

10. Moreno’s screen pass for 45 yds & 1st down

11. Orton to David Graham for 10 yds on 3rd and 5 yd to 1 yd line.

12. Moreno 1 yd TD DRIVE

13. Orton to Demariyus Thomas first TD 21 yds on his 8th reception to start his career

14. Parrish Cox rookie 1st career INT

15. 13 of 16 third down conversion and 14 of 20 final results is still a team record.

The Bad:

1. Delay of game penalty in the Red Zone.

2. 1st and goal at 7 yd line settling for 20 yd FG.

3. Still allowing too many big plays.

The Ugly:

1. Special Teams pathetic enough said!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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