SloMo KnoMo - A look at his first half carries

In the commentary of several recent articles, there's been a debate regarding Knowshons ability, or lack there of.  One camp suggests Knowshon is slow, runs upright, lacks burst and is simply an average or underperforming back.  The other side suggests once our line gets healthy again, Knowshon will be unleashed.

Personally, I lean toward the second group, but I thought it would be a good idea to rewatch the game and see how those runs really unfolded.  Was the line creating a hole?  Or was Knowshon running slow, dancing, or generally disappointing?

For now, let's simply look at the first half, just Knowshon's runs.

Run 1:  The run is to the right side of the formation, but the defense is stout.  Absolutely no where to go.  Loss of one.

Run 2:  Great hole this time for a nice 8 yard gain.

Run 3:  Small hole created on the right side, and Knowshon just slips by the linebacker.  The second level is unblocked and Knowshon does a great job of lowering the pads and gaining 9 on the play.  Earl Thomas was absolutely flattened.

Run 4:  Seahawks get a nice push and make contact with Moreno in the backfield.  Knowshon keeps the wheels turning and powers ahead for a very difficult 4 yards.  There was a small hole by the left guard that was not taken, but I'm not sure he would have made it through had he gone for it.

Run 5:  Small hole created on the left side, but the second level defenders were closing uncontested.  No gain.

Run 6:  Goaline gets stuffed.  The line was pushed backwards, loss of one.

Run 7:  Makes it to the edge with a real nice burst, picks up 5

Run 8:  Hole up the middle, and lowers his shoulders right into the waiting linebacker, driving him back for another 3 yards

Run 9:  Absolutely no where to go.  Even if he cutback, two defenders were waiting unblocked.  No gain.

Run 10:  Nice blocking on the left side, bursts into hole and carries Malloy on his back for 6 yards, but fumbles ball out of bounds.  Got lucky on that one!

Run 11:  Gets around the left edge, but again, multiple defenders are waiting in the second level.  Gain of 4

Run 12:  Goalline - again, Seahawks hold their ground, and Knowshon was lucky to pick up one yard.

I'd love to hear everyones opinion on his running skills.  From what I saw this half, Knowshon was hitting the holes hard, lowering the shoulders and getting those tough yards.  I can't wait til the line gets healthy and can block and get into the second level to bust one loose.  Everytime Knowshon hit the hole, there were 2+ defenders waiting to wrap him up.  So for now, I'm giving Knowshon a hall pass until the line gets healthy.  Then I hope we see what he's really capable of.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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