AFC West Stats and Standings

 Current Standings


2-0  Kansas City

1-1 San Diego

1-1 Denver

1-1 Oakland



AFC West Stats

() rank in the NFL


After Week 2



Philip Rivers, SD (3rd)       68.8% pct, 632 pass yards, 5 TD, 2 INT, 107.0 Rating

Kyle Orton, Den (6th)          67.6%, pct, 602 pass yards, 3 TD, 1 INT, 103.9 Rating

Jason Campbell Oak (26th)       57.7%, pct, 267 pass yards, 1 TD, 2 INT , 61.9 Rating

Matt Cassel KC (30th)               52.0% pct, 244 pass yards, 1 TD, 2 INT , 55.8 Rating



Darren McFadden, Oak (2nd)      240 Rush yards, 0 TD / 8 Rec, 63 Rec Yds, 1 TD

Jamal Charles, KC (12th)             141 Rush yards, 1 TD / 2 Rec, 35 Rec Yds, 0 TD

Thomas Jones, KC  (20th  )         122 Rush yards, 0 TD / 1 Rec,  5 Rec Yds, 0 TD

Knowshon Moreno, Den  (25th) 111 Rush yards, 2 TD / 5 Rec, 71 Rec Yds, 0 TD

Mike Tolbert, SD (26th)                 108 Rush Yards, 2 TD / 1 Rec, 13 Red Yds, 0 TD

Ryan Matthews, SD  (26th)          101 Rush Yards, 0 TD / 3 Rec, 31 Rec Yds, 0 TD



Brandon Lloyd, Den (9th)    8 Rec, 170 Rec yards, 0 TD

Eddie Royal, Den (13th)     13 Rec, 163 Rec yards, 1 TD

Malcom Floyd, SD (21st )    6 Rec, 143 Rec yards, 1 TD

Antonio Gates, SD(26th)   10 Rec, 133 Rec yards, 3 TD

Louis Murphy, Oak (34th) 10 Rec, 119 Rec yards, 1 TD



Chargers- (3rd) 433 yards pg,  (6th) 26 points pg

Broncos-  (7th) 366 yards pg,  (9th) 24 points pg

Raiders-   (9th ) 345 yards pg,  (22nd) 14.5 points pg

Chiefs-     (30th)  254 yards pg,  (18th) 18.5 points pg



Chargers- (8th) 273 yards pg,  (15th) 17 points pg

Raiders-   (9th ) 277 yards pg,  (25th) 26 points pg

Broncos- (19th) 339 yards pg,  (18th) 19 points pg

Chiefs-    (24th) 344 yards pg,  (8th) 14 points pg



I think the pecking order is pretty apparent as to performance of AFC West Teams units for offense and defense.  Even though the Raiders have allowed less yards than the Broncos they have allowed more points and scored less points on offense.


  1. San Diego
  2. Denver
  3. Oakland
  4. Kansas City


Yet KC is on top of the division with the only 2-0 record.   Special teams and the rain helped KC get a lead early, but let’s see what happens this week.


Week 3 AFC Matchups


Indy @ Denver

San Diego @ Seattle

San Fran @ Kansas City

Oakland @ Arizona  



Wins – San Diego, Oakland

Losses—Denver, Kansas City


Week 4 Standings

2-1  Kansas City

2-1 San Diego

2-1 Oakland

1-2 Denver


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