More thoughts on Denver's Offense.

I was just re-watching the Broncos demolishing of the Seattle Seahawks and it was hard to miss that Ryan Clady looked very good in this game.   He was always great at pass protecting but I saw numerous times Clady was pulling , cutting and hustling just like he used to last year.  This is a great sign for Denver to have him back and I think that if we can get Chris Kuper and Ryan Harris back that Denver's Oline is going to just get better and better this year.

Some more thoughts on Denver's Offense -

1.     I think that Denver is set at Oline , WR , QB.   I think that TE is Denver's Biggest need on Offense next year.  Kyle Rudolph - 6'6' 265lbs TE from Notre Dame would be a great addition(although I want McDaniels to address the Defense 1st)

2.     I think that Knowshon is going to get more yards after we get Chris Kuper and Ryan Harris back.  Both players are better run blockers than Hochstein and Beadles.

3.    Kyle Orton looks Great so far this year.  He is poised to have a 4,000 yard year and close to 30 TD's.

4.     It is time to give Josh McDaniels some props for his Offense that he brought to Denver.  It is quite obvious that his system allows for atleast 1 WR to be open every play.

5.     Denver is Set at WR.   Demaryius Thomas looks like a Beast and will only get better with time.  Llyod has been great so far.  Eddie Royal looks great in the slot.  Gaffney is just going to be very solid.   Eric Decker I believe will eventually replace Gaffney in year 2 or 3 and will have a very good NFL career.   Mattews has a alot of talent and will be worked in somehow.

Quick thoughts on Defense

1.     Words can't describe how much Denver's Defense misses ELVIS DUMERVIL.  I think if we had Dumervil we beat Jacksonville in week 1.  Dumervil would probably had over 12 Sacks this year.

2.     NT and Safety are Denver's 2 Biggest needs in my mind going into 2011.  Jamaal Williams and Brian Dawkins are both great players who are at the end of their careers.  Denver has to lineup their replacements next year.

3.     Perrish Cox is going to be Denver's Starting CB in the near future.  He was a Great Pick in the 5th Round and more than makes up for the crappy pick of Alfonso Smith(I wanted Rey Maualuga).

I predict that Denver will go 10-6 this year and make the playoffs!!!

GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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