Hello Donkey fans.

Well, it's Thursday, and that means I have to shake the hangover from my eyes and make another FanPost on another SB Nation site, inviting questions from a rival fanbase about an upcoming game this Sunday. It's also one of the many opportunities I get to talk about how wonderful John Bena is. In fact, I'll do so right now:

John Bena is wonderful.

Small little 'John Bena moment' I shall share with you (and I hope he doesn't kill me for this): While talking on the phone with him one night, the conversation switched to something related to LeBron James. John, as he is gloriously famous for, starts going off on a passionate rant. It's full of fire, brimstone, and fan-based righteousness.

All the stuff I love about the guy.

About halfway through the rant, he stops, and his tone changes dramatically on a dime. The fire and brimstone sports fan is gone, and instead I'm listening to a fully grown man speaking in the softest, Sesame Street-style voice there is.

You see, in the middle of his rant, John's little daughter had walked into the room. She had a problem with something, and Mr. Bena switched from 'AND LET ME TELL YOU THIS, BRAD: I THINK THAT GUY QUIT IN THE FRIGGIN PLAYOFFS AND THE FANS AND... Oh hi sweetie! What's wrong? You got a boo-boo? Come here sweetie and let me see.''

I literally did a double-take on the other end of the phone. The shift was that quick. That moment was typical John: A passionate fan who will always take a moment for one of his little Benas. Don't kill me too much for telling that story, John. It's one of my favorites. That, and the night I got more than a little wasted with you at The Irish Rogue in NYC.

Good times.

Anyway, funny stories about John aside, I guess I'm here to talk about the Colts v. the Broncos. Other Colts fans have jumped in here and offered to answer questions. contrary to their suggestions, I've never officially 'sanctioned' any attempt by Colts fans to go to other blogs and talk sports with fans on those blogs. Don't know where they got that from, but whatever. I'm not here to figure out anything pertaining to what they write.

I'm here to answer your questions. I'll try and do the best I can to answer them in my best 'John Bena Sesame Street voice.'

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