AgentJ's Week 3 Picks


Sunday, September 26


Away  vs. Home


Buffalo (0-2) vs. New England (1-1)

Winner: New England


Buffalo could win this game if they had any semblance of a passing game.  No pass protection + No quarterback=1st pick in the draft. 


Atlanta (1-1) vs. New Orleans (2-0)

Winner: New Orleans

I really want to pick Atlanta here because they have a similar game to San Francisco who should have beaten the Saints on MNF.  The Saints haven’t looked as explosive on offense, but this is their home opener and I am not betting against them at home at this point.  Atlanta doesn't have me convinced that they are going to be good on the road yet.



Detroit (0-2)  vs. Minnesota  (0-2)

Winner: Minnesota


Detroit is only a good bet at home.  Right now they are playing competitive football, but aren’t going to walk into Minnesota with Shawn Hill and beat the Vikings.   The Viking defense will shut down RB Jahvid Best and Favre will finally have a decent game.


Cleveland  (0-2) vs. Baltimore (1-1)

Winner: Baltimore


Ray Rice destroys Cleveland.  Not much of a hope for an upset here as the Browns won't be able to run or pass on the Ravens defense.


Dallas (0-2) vs.  Houston (2-0)

Winner:  Dallas


This is my first upset.  Upsets come from the underdog being more desperate than the favorite.  Yes Houston has been really good.  The Cowboys however are willing to take more risk now in their play calling.  The reason they have been losing is because of the ultra conservative play calling.  Now that the team has little to lose they will open things up and do everything they can to score.  Houston on the other hand is fat and happy.  Kubiac will be the conservative coach in this game and it will cost him.


San Francisco (0-2) vs. Kansas City  (2-0)

Winner: San Francisco


Kansas City could win this game, but their luck is going to run out on Sunday.  The 49ers put together a very good performance on Monday night and have the confidence to go into KC and win their first game.  The Niner defense and Frank Gore will win by a touchdown. Alex Smith seems to have gotten a hold on his mistakes for now.


Tennessee  (1-1)  vs.  New York Giants (1-1)

Winner: Tennessee


Both of these teams beat bad teams in week one and lost to good teams in week two.  However, Tennesee lost because they shot themselves in the foot with turnovers.  The Giants lost because they just weren’t very good at executing anything.  The Giants play better at home, but they won’t be able to stop the Titans running game.  Tennessee will not turn the ball over against the Giants like they did against the Steelers.  Should be a close game down to the wire.


Pittsburgh (2-0)  vs. Tampa Bay (2-0)

Winner: Tampa Bay


The Bucs will stop the Steelers and hold them to under 13 points.  Up until this point the Steelers have been fortunate and haven’t had to score anything above field goals.   In fact they haven’t scored a touchdown in regular play in two games. Tampa Bay on the other hand does have the ability to score touchdowns and only needs to get to 14 to win.  Tampa Bay will be geared up for this game and pull off the upset.


Cincinnati (1-1) vs. Carolina (0-2)

Winner:  Cincinnati


Carolina is starting a rookie QB in Jimmy Clausen.  Cincinnati pounds the Panthers into submission.  This could be a blow out. 


Philadelphia (1-1)  vs. Jacksonville  (1-1)

Winner: Jacksonville


The Jags have looked good at home and will be able to run on the Ealges defense.   Michael Vick won’t pose problems that Rivers and Orton pose as the Jags defensive line matches up better.  Vick and the Eagles lose this game and Vick throws two picks.  MJD runs wild for 150+ yards and two scores.



Washington  (2-0) vs.  St. Louis (0-2)

Winner: St. Louis


The Rams have a decent defense and their coach knows how to get to the QB.   Sam Bradford has looked good leading the offense and now will be able to pull off an upset against a very inconstistent Washington team that hasn’t gone on the road yet.  They will be underestimating the Rams and be overconfident to their detriment.



Oakland    (1-1)  vs.  Arizona (1-1)

Winner: Oakland


Arizona is in disarray.  Oakland will finally let a smart QB play their position.  The Oakland defense is good enough to carry them through games and I see this game going similar to the Atlanta game last week with McFadden running all over the Cardinals.  Oakland wins a low scoring game by 6 points.


San Diego (2-0)  vs. Seattle (1-1)

Winner: San Diego

Seattle will have a hard time standing up to Philip Rivers.  They made Kyle Orton look like an all-pro in Denver.  The Chargers will win handely by at lest 14.


Indianapolis (1-1)  vs.  Denver (1-1)

Winner: Indianapolis


Too many distractions for Denver with the loss of Kenny McKinley.  Denver was going to be hard pressed to beat Peyton Manning anyway.  Denver gets trounced.  The Colts score over 40 points.  I really don’t even want to watch this game once it gets out of hand.


New York Jets (1-1) vs.  Miami (2-0)

Winner: New York Jets


Miami has been good to go 2-0, but they have also been lucky.  If AP’s back up doesn’t fumble at the four yard line Minnesota scores and the game goes the other way.   The Jets defense is the better of the two.  Sanchez seems to have found his rythem.  The Jets are focused now and will triumph in a hard fought defensive battle.        


Monday, September 27


Green Bay (2-0)  vs.     Chicago  (2-0)

Winner: Chicago

Can anyone say trap game.  The Packers have been good to this point, but almost gave the game away in Philly.  They have lost their starting running back in Ryan Grant and Brandon Jackson will have a hard time against the 1st ranked run defense in the NFL.  Jay Cutler has stopped throwing interceptions, and will be able to go toe to toe with Green Bay’s Aron Rodgers.  The Chicago defense has been playing well and with their new 3rd ranked offense they will be poised to pull off the upset.

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