Tip o' The Hat Bronco Fans

Allright, I'm a Chiefs fan. So let me get that out there. Die hard and lifelong fan too. I didn't come over here to send you one of those sappy posts from another fan site that no one believes a word of anyway. My message is plain and simple.

As a Chiefs fan I'll admit that I don't like the Broncos necessarily, but hold on, this isn't a negative post. Just bear with me okay? Give me a chance here. What I came to do is give you an honest perspective from an unbiased source; a Chiefs fans viewpoint of your team. 

Honestly, when McDaniels first arrived in Denver, I could not have been happier. He traded away Brandon Marshall, got rid of the long ball king Jay Cutler and managed to stir up so much controversy, I think he would have made Rex Ryan proud.

I thought he was the best thing to happen to the Chiefs in a long time. I was wrong. It appears that Coach McDaniels has learned that "it" factor from Belichek. The ability to replace a pro bowler or two with no name players and still find a way to win. 

Listen, if Belichek could make Matt Cassel look good, I believe he could lose Brady to a season ending injury and replace him with a life size fathead of Joe Montana and still manage 11 wins. Its unbelievable. Well, I think McDaniels has got that same gift. 

I didn't check this week, but last time I checked, you guys had more injuries to key players than any other team I can think of. I gave you zero chance to win either of your first two games. I was wrong. 

I think its apparent that when you guys get your starters healed up and back on the field and your rookies have had a chance to develop for a year, you guys are going to be the pain in the butt we hate to face every season for a long time to come. 

i really feel San Diego's time of kicking us around is just about over. I honestly believe that by next season, it will be the Broncos and Chiefs that are going to be dooking it out right up til the last game for the division tiitle. I see a lot of years ahead with some great rivalry games between our franchises. 

Now I'm not going to give you a bunch of sappy, meaningless, empty well wishes and "I hope you guys win as long as your not playing us" cliches, like you get from time to time on here. I have too much respect for your franchise, your team and you fans to insult your intelligence with such stupidity. I don't have to like the Broncos to have a great deal of respect for them. I always have. 

I just thought it was owed you to come over and give you a tip o' the hat. You've earned it. I have always believed in honor in sports. You honor your most worthy adversary regardless of how bad you want to beat them. I know we are going to have a lot of heated games with each other over the next several years. The writing is on the wall. 

You guys are not going to make this easy on us in KC. You have a lot to look forward to obviously. I wish it wasn't so because I'm a Chiefs fan and your in our division, so thats just how it is. You understand I'm sure. But that doesn't mean I can't take the high road and show a little class to our future nemesis.

So here's to ya' Bronco fans, you deserve it.  See ya' in the playoffs next year and may the best team win.


Krayfish/Arrowhead Pride

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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