Sadaraine's no BS Keys to the Game


So I'm pretty committed to reviewing games, but I have thoughts on how our Broncos can win each game to.  Why not get some talking points going and get our brains thinking a little deeper than just "run the ball" and "keep Manning off the field".  So I'm going to go over all three phases and have some ideas on what our team can do to win this game.


  • What worked last week will work again if we can pass protect.  It will be important on passing downs to figure out a way to slow down the Indy DEs.  They both are big dangers and are the only thing that has a chance to keep Orton from keeping the chains moving.
  • Running the ball is a big goal, but unless our O-line play changes for the better drastically, we need to commit to getting our guys a lead blocker.  I know McDaniels doesn't dig it, but Spencer Larson is a battering ram and he can make a difference.  If not him, pull a TE or a G to lead block for our RBs.  From what I saw in the last game it would have made a difference.
  • Give me another gimmick.  I would really like to see this team have that flea-flicker type of gimmick play in their pocket for every game.  Think Pittsburgh a few years back.  They were the kings of consistently dropping gimmick plays and it paid off.  I think we have such a talented offense, it would be a shame not to keep teams thinking.


  • This is THE game for Ayers.  I think he's got the best ability to create pressure on Manning and I would absolutely game-plan him as a rusher for the majority of the game.  If he can get going early they will move protection his way and then you create some weakness in the A gaps for your LBs.
  • Speaking of that, this week is the week for Martindale to show us what he's got.  Pressure isn't going to happen with out blitzers and so far we haven't seen much of this.  It is time.  Our strength is our DBs...let them do their job and get the LBs flying in to rush Manning.  It does actually work.  He will beat the blitz a couple times, but you have to trust your DBs to contain that and keep him on his heels.
  • Disguise, Disguise, Disguise.  You have to be disciplined with Manning and not tip your hat.  Show blitz, show that you are playing off (with orders to rush in immediately to fill gaps), but for heaven's sake don't play vanilla defense and make it easy for him.

Special Teams

  • I'm going to cop out here....fix your coverage game and all will be well.  There is no mystery here.  Keep your lanes and contain the returner.
  • Don't onside kick to start the half - but do do it early in the game.  I love the idea of taking a possession away from Manning.  If we go up 7 - 0, that is the time to roll the dice and take them by surprise.

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