Posts From Around SB Nation: 8/29-9/27

So as I have been preparing for my big move I have been very busy doing a lot of traveling. This has given me lots of time in airports and not as much internet as I'd like, so I've been a bit behind, but I've returned home, thankfully, for a few weeks before I actually move. As I went into the SB Nation archive of posts and articles, I found I missed some good stuff. Normally during the season we see less posts dedicated just too football and more focus on the past game and the upcoming game, and that's how it should be, but I still found some good ones for you guys.


BACON EXPLOSION at Bleeding Green Nation

- Oh no, I didn't leave the caps lock on by accident, this post is worthy of all caps. I spend a great deal of time in Texas for business and I absolutely love their obsession with good meat and cooking. This post is one that warmed my heart and clogged my arteries. I haven't seen a meal like that in a long time, and while it isn't remotely football related, it was too good to be contained on one site.

NFL Team Ages and 2009 NFL Payrolls at Bucs Nation and Bolts from the Blue respectively

Both of these are just quick posts looking at the average age and payrolls of each team. The Broncos are almost dead center in both areas, ranked 20th in payroll and tied for 13th with Miami in age at 26.1. There are some interesting thoughts about team age and success as well as how much your team pays and their success, but while there are some exceptions for both, there are clear cut winners and losers when it comes to paying the players.

The Weekly Zoologist Part 1 and Part 2 at Phinsider

- This is a weekly series that compares the awesomeness of a dolphin versus the mascot of the team they are playing, and it is very entertaining. Now if we were going to play the Dolphins this season I might not post it but because we don't play them, they are just making fun of other team. Also you learn amazing dolphin facts.

Predictions don't indicate rooting interest at Bucs Nation

- Since the changes made over at Bucs Nation, one of their new leaders, Buc Wild, has become one of the most open moderators I've seen. He is very open with his opinion, is very respectful and isn't afraid to be reasonable. This is a post that most here at MHR don't have to take to heart since we are a fairly educated site, but it is a very smart article discussing how the fact that he, a staffer, doesn't think the Bucs will have winning season and why that doesn't make him any less of a Bucs fan. This could apply to a Saints fan who doesn't think they'll win the Super Bowl, or a Broncos fan who doesn't think they'll have a winning record. Like the titles states, my predictions doesn't indicate my ability to be a fan.

Bills Players Vote To Decertify Union at Buffalo Rumblings

- I'm surprised this was the only article I could find on the decertification of the NFLPA. As of this week, eight NFL teams have voted that they will decertify the NFLPA if they need to to move forward with the new CBA. This also happened before the last players strike in 1989, and the union didn't return till 1993 despite football resuming much sooner. It is expected that by the end of the season every team will have voted to decertify. Now I'm hardly a legal expert, but it does two things:

- The first thing it would allow is the ability of the players to sue the owners if there is a lockout. This is due to the fact that the owners cannot be sued by the union, thus giving the possibility of players going to court with the owners.
- The second thing it does it stops the union from being able to form a new CBA. In 1989 the players decertified because they felt the union was too weak, so they stripped the union leaders of power and went to the courts. This time around it doesn't appear to be for that reason. While the union currently is weak compared to the owners and Goodell, they have pushed a number of big rules and changes through. This time, it seems to be for allowing the players more ability to organize and use the courts, similar to the 1989 and 1990 court cases, to help break up the lockout by the owners. This leverage is a double-edge sword, while the players recently won a big case over how each team is viewed, it also makes it hard to reorganize should the owners win in court.

I know this is complicated, but it is a huge move as the league moves forward to an uncertain future.

New Features at Rumblings, SB Nation at Buffalo Rumblings

- This was another topic I was expecting to see more about around SB Nation, but only found it on one site, the ever vigilant Buffalo Rumblings. As of Thurday, September 23, SB Nation has had a few tweaks. Now I won't discuss them all, but they allow easier access to a number of features and streamlined site navigation. I'm sure if you have more questions, John would gladly answer them.


So there you have it, and while I know many of you are busy, I really do encourage you to take a look at some of these, or maybe visit a SB Nation site you haven't been to recently, cause there is a lot of good stuff we miss if we don't venture out into the scary world that is SB Nation.

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