Brad's NFL Picks - Week Three -2010


   Brad's Picks was 9-7 for the second week in a row. Here's the g,b,u from last week.

    the good:

Atlanta 41, Cardinals 7. Cards would have been shut out on the east coast if not for an 80 yard TD run by Tim Hightower.

Green Bay 34, Bills 7. Green Bay all the way.

Eagles 35, Detroit 32. Both teams played with backup QB's.

Denver 31, Seahawks 14. Kyle Orton is feeling it. 25-35-307-0, and two TD's.

Oakland 16, Rams 14. Raiders traded for Jason Campbell in the off season, but it was Bruce Gradkowski that delivered the win in the second half.

San Diego 38, Jaguars 13. Jags turned it over 6 times, a team record.

Texans 30, Washington 27. OT. Wow. Almost a thousand yards of offense, almost all of it in the air. And the game didn't end until only 3 minutes were left in overtime.

Indianapolis 38, Giants 14. Giants geared up to stop Manning, so the Colts came up with a run game - 160 yards. Took them 43 carries, but it's called moving the chains.

Saints 25, San Francisco 22. Saints needed a last second FG for the win. 4 turnovers by the Niners didn't hurt either.

     the rest after the jump


     the bad:

Bears 27, Dallas 20. Jay Cutler had a great day - 21-29-277, and two TD's.

Steelers 19, Tennessee 11. Titans turned it over 7 times. A TD and two point conversion in the last minute by the T's makes the score look closer than it was.

Cincinnati 15, Ravens 10. Talk about defense!. Bengals needed 5 field goals to win this thing. Joe Flacco threw 4 INT's and had a QB rating of 23.8.

Chiefs 16, Cleveland 14. Interesting game. Chiefs scored on an INT return and 3 field goals. Browns scored on a one yard plunge by Peyton Hillis and a 65 yard TD reception by Joshua Cribbs.

Buccaneers 20, Carolina 7. Panthers have a problem at QB. Bucs QB Josh Freeman looks like a keeper.

Dolphins 14. Minnesota 10. Favre hasn't shaken off the rust yet - 3 INT's last week. Or did he just get old?

     the ugly:

New York Jets 28, Patriots 14. Mark Sanchez had three TD's. Tom Brady had two.

      It was AFC 5, NFC 1 last week. On the season, it's AFC 6, NFC 2. Visitors had a good week, winning 9 games. On the season, it's home teams 19, Visitors 13.

     this week: the 11:00 games:

Dallas (0-2) at Houston (2-0) - Interesting that both teams have played in Washington this year. Boys lost in Week One 13-7, and the Texans won in OT last week 30-27. Texans have also won at home (over the Colts) while the Boys lost at home last week to the Bears. Dallas has given up 859 yards in the air this year, and here comes Matt Schaub (who led the NFL in passing last year) and Andre Johnson, who led the league in receiving. Texans seem to be firing on all cylinders but the Boys are not.

Buffalo (0-2) at New England (1-1) - Division game. Both teams lost last week. Anyone want to take the Bills? Thought so. Take the Patriots.

Cleveland (0-2) at Baltimore (1-1) - Baltimore didn't look so hot in a loss at Cincinnati last week, but they're at home and this is the Browns, who have a serious problem at quarterback.

Atlanta (1-1) at New Orleans (2-0) - Division game. Saints were lucky to pull out a win in San Francisco last week. This week they are facing a team that is probably better than the Niners. Saints won both games in the series last year, the first by 8 points and the second by 3. Reggie Bush is out for awhile. You gotta think about this one, but after you've done that, you should take the Saints at home.

Tennessee (1-1) at New York Giants (1-1) - Both teams lost last week, to good teams. T's to the Steelers, Giants to the Colts. Giants gave up 160 yards on the ground last week, but that was largely because they geared up to stop Peyton Manning. But here comes Chris Johnson, the best RB in the league. I expect the Giants will gear up to stop him this week. This is a hard call - I think I'll take the T's on the road.

Cincinnati (1-1) at Carolina (0-2) - Carolina started the year with a youth movement, and have now turned to a rookie QB, Jimmie Clausen, over Matt Moore, now in his 4th year, and who looked pretty good last year after taking over for Jake DelHomme. But Moore has struggled, and got the hook - probably too soon. Take the Bengals, who are a very solid team.

San Francisco (0-2) at Kansas City (2-0) - Chiefs are 2-0, but they needed three FG's and a 33 yard INT return last week to win by two at Cleveland. San Francisco lost to the Saints last week on a last second FG, after turning the ball over 4 times. Chiefs are on the rise, and have some speed in their backfield (RB Jamaal Charles is averaging 6.4 on the ground), but I think the Niners are the better team (they have a very good run defense), and I think Singletary has them on track after being debacled in Seattle in Week One.

Pittsburgh (2-0) at Tampa Bay (2-0) - Steelers lead the league with 8 takeaways. Bucs are second with 6. Steelers got 7 last week at Tennessee. But it's too early in the season to put much cred in stats. Steelers will start ancient Charlie Batch at QB, with elderly and injured Byron Leftwich as the back up, since Ben is still doing his penance for being a pig, and Dixon is out for awhile with an injury. Good for the Steelers that they had a great effort from their D last week, because the QB's were real bad - Dixon was 4-6 for 18 yards, while Batch was 5-11 for 25 yards. Steelers won because of an 89 kickoff return for a TD. I don't think the Bucs are all that good, but I think the Steelers luck runs out this week. Bucs got three sacks last week, and the Steelers O line is not good and the QB's are stationary.

Detroit (0-2) at Minnesota (0-2) - A couple of good defenses will go at it. Vikings have problems at receiver - Percy Harvin has his migraines and other injuries. Brett Favre has yet to show he can still do it again - he has three INT's and a lost fumble so far. I still have to take Minnesota here. Detroit is still a work in progress.

     the 2:05 MDT games:

Washington (1-1) at St. Louis (0-2) - Reds had only 18 yards on the ground vs Texans, on 17 carries. But two of their three TD's were on one yard runs by Portis. Rams gave up 173 ground yards to the Raiders (on 40 carries) so the Reds may get more than 18 this week. Bradford is playing like a top draft pick should, but he's still a rookie. Steven Jackson got only 75 on 19 last week against the Raiders, not a great run D. I really don't have a clue of what to expect here. Let's ask George. George says take the Rams. I dunno though. But what the heck - guess I'll go with the Rams at home.

Philadelphia (1-1) at Jacksonville (1-1) - Looks like Michael the dog torturer Vick will get the start for the Eagles. He's played pretty good the last week and a half. But the Eagles barely won in Detroit last week, while the Jags got stomped in San Diego. But the Jags have made it home, and I expect it will be hot and humid in J'Ville, so I'll take the Jags.

     the 2:15 MDT games:

Indianapolis (1-1) at Denver (1-1) - Every one seems to think the Colts are invincible, but they're actually 1-2 lately. But then, so are the Broncos. Colts have owned the Broncos for years but all those games have been in the UnPlace, which is located someplace between Iceland and Attu. I'd rather not know. Anyway, the Broncos can win this game if they enjoy the Mile High ambience and come out of the gate swinging and play like they did last October when the Patriots came to town. Kyle Orton has to hit some quick passes to slow down the rush, and I think he'll do just that, finding Eddie Royal and Demaryius Thomas early. I'm taking the Broncos all the way on this one.

San Diego (1-1) at Seattle (1-1) - Seattle whupped the Niners at home in Week One, then got whupped at Mile High in Week Two. I think their win against the Niners was mostly a result of the Niners not being ready. Chargers lost the opener at Arrowhead, then trounced the Jags at home last week. I'll take the Chargers even though rookie RB Ryan Matthews will sit this one out.

Oakland (1-1) at Arizona (1-1) - Bruce Gradkowski took over for Jason Campbell at QB last week, and was marginally better. He'll get the start for the Raiders this week. Darren McFadden ran for 145 yards on 30 carries last week against the Rams. Cardinals' Tim Hightower had 115 yards on 11 carries at Atlanta (80 were on a TD run). I'll take Arizona at home. Best I can do.

     the SNL game:

New York Jets (1-1) at Miami (2-0) - Division game. Both of Miami's wins have been on the road (Buffalo and Minnesota). Jets are 1-1 at home (Ravens and Patriots). This should be a good game. Mark Sanchez had a great game last week against the Patriots, but the Pats D is suspect, especially the secondary. He'll have a tougher time in Miami, whose D has only given up 20 points.

     the MNF game:

Green Bay (2-0) at Chicago (2-0) - Division game. Should be good. Green Bay rates as the class of the NFC right now, but look at Chicago. Jay Cutler is doing well in Mike Martz' system, leading the NFL in QB rating. He's thrown 5 TD's and just 1 INT, compared to Aaron Rogers 4 and 2. Chicago did a lot to improve their D in the off season (Julius Peppers, Urlacher healthy) but the Packers have another year in the 3-4. Bears have no run game to speak of (Forte was 10 for 29 last week at Dallas, while Chester Taylor got 6 yards on 4 carries). Packers lost their good RB Grant a week ago, but still managed 91 yards (on 27 carries), but that was against Buffalo. Bottom line is that I like the Packers receivers more than the Bears', so I'll take the Packers. Should be a great game at Soldier Field on MNF in September.

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