Agentj's Week 4 Power Rankings

Alot of movement this week as teams finally were able to get to have matchups that ment something.  I really wanted to rank the Broncos hgiher because they played a good game to stay in it  with the Colts, but ultimately They are 1-2 and have only beaten the Seahawks.  The other 1-2 teams ranked ahead of them are the VikingsCowboysRedskins, and Chargers.   I have the Steelers as a new #1 because they show no sings of slowing down and are now playing dominant football.  The Bears have to be number two after their win on MNF over the Pack.  The SAintshave not been playing well enough to stay in the top 5.  They have now lost a close game at home to a good team in Atlanta.  Its still going to take a few week s to sort out the top teams.  Once we get to week 6 there should be clearer lines.


What a difference a year makes.  This time last year the undefeated teams were the Broncos, Colts, Jets, Giants, Saints, Vikings, Jets, and Ravens.


Tier 1 - Elite – Steelers, Bears, Texans, Colts, Jets

Tier 2 - Playoff Quality – Falcons, Saints, Packers, Patriots, Chiefs, Bengals, Ravens, Dolphins, Eagles

Tier 3 - Middle of Pack – Titans, Cowboys , Vikings, Seahawks, Broncos, Chargers

Tier 4 - Bad Teams— Jaguars, Giants, Bucs, Cardinals, Raiders, Rams, Lions, Browns

Tier 5 - High School --- Bills, 49ers, Carolina

Rank 2009 Record Last Week Team Comments Movement
1 3-0 12 Steelers The offense finally came alive and proved me wrong.  The Steelers are looking very good.  The beat down at a 2-0 Tampa Bay showed how dominant this team can be.  They are undefeated and deserve this spot, but they have yet to face the Bengals and Ravens 11
2 3-0 10 Bears The Bears are the only undefeated team in the NFC.  They have beat the Packers and the Cowboys.  Pittsburgh has also won ugly.  No other team has played at least two quality teams and is undeafeted.  At this point Chicago is winning big games however they can and that is all that matters.  They could go 7-0 with their soft schedule coning up. 8
3 2-1 2 Texans Houston was over confident and underestimated a desperate Dallas team.  They should bounce back nicely against Oakland.   -1
4 2-1 3 Colts The Colts were fortunate they didn't blow the game against Denver who threw away 5 trips to the Red Zone.  However their offense is still a 24 points + in any given game. -1
5 2-1 5 Jets The Jets have now beat the Pats and the Fins.  Sanchez is really sarting to come around in leading the offense. 0
6 2-1 18 Falcons The only game Atlanta has lost is at Pittsburgh.  They put a beat down on Arizona and went into N.O. and gave the Saints their first loss of the season.  Matt Ryan is starting to convince he is ready to take the next step. 12
7 2-1 1 Saints The Saints finally ended up on the other end of a close game.  The offense hasn't been as dominant at the begening of the season.  I wonder if teams are starting to figure them out, or the wheels are coming off.  Drew Brees is the reason this team hasn't blown their games this season.  He is on par with Manning and Brady. -6
8 2-1 4 Packers The Pack played well, but they are not as dominant as people thought they would be.  Aaron Rodgers had a very good game, but was overshadowed by his teams mistakes.   -4
9 2-1 6 Patriots How does does Buffalo go toe to toe with NE in a high scoring game? -3
10 3-0 15 Cheifs I know KC is 3-0, but I don't have them playing on the same level as the teams above them yet.  KC has beat two bad teams and got a, shall we say, luck y win against San Diego.  Undefeated doesn't necessarily mean you are the best team in the NFL after three weeks. 5
11 2-1 7 Bengals Two wins in a row have the Bengals hoping for a second division title.  They need to beat Pitt in order to make a serious run.  The defense is really good. -4
12 2-1 8 Ravens Another offense that has come alive.  Though the defense didn't shut down the Browns like they should have with Peyton Hillis getting 144 on the ground. -4
13 2-1 11 Dolphins Miami lost a close one on Sunday Night to the Jets who are clearly the team on top of the Division. 7
14 2-1 20 Eagles The offense is playing lights out with Vick at the helm.  The defense finally showed up as well. 6
15 2-1 21 Titans Tennessee now has to be considered a contender to make the playoffs int their division with a solid win in New York.  Consider the Steeler loss an off week. 6
16 1-2 19 Cowboys The talent finally rises and the Boys go into a top team and pull off a convincing victory.  This was season saving.   -3
17 1-2 14 Vikings Finally a win.  Maybe this can help build some momentum for Favre and company.  It always helps to play Detroit to end a losing streak. -3
18 2-1 24 Seahawks Seattle is a scrappy team that was ablet to get two special teams scores to beat the Chargers.  Lady luck shines on the Hawks again.  So as a reward the get to be ranked in the top 20. 6
19 1-2 13 Redskins Losing to the Rams isn't a good thing.  This team is already at a crossroads after two loses in a row. -6
20 1-2 9 Chargers As good as this team can be on offense they have lost to two teams they shouldn't have in Seattle and KC.  That puts them in company of talented teams that don't finish.  Special teams covereage will be the Cahrgesr achiles heel of the this team. -11
21 1-2 17 Broncos Denver's defense played pretty decent in the Colts game.  The offense was great between the 20's, but couldn't get it done in the Red Zone going 0-5.  McDaniels has too much faith in Kyle Orton to make touchdowns happen inside the 10.  He should run more and be more creative with sweeps and rollouts.  Denver needs to do something to avoid going 1-3 for the first time since 1999 12 years ago.  Denver went 6-10 that year after Elway retired and Denver won it's second superbowl -5
22 1-2 16 Jaguars The Jags are a pretty average team that couldn't handle a dynamic offense with Vick. -6
23 1-2 22 Giants If I'm a Giants fan I am worried.  The offense can't do much and the defense is a shell of the team that beat the 18-0 Patriots in the Super Bowl. -1
24 2-1 23 Buccaneers The Bucs showed that just because they were 2-0 doesn't mean they are on par with the NFL elite. -9
25 2-1 25 Cardinals Cardinals have beat the Raiders and the Rams 0
26 1-2 27 Raiders Raiders have beat the Rams 1
27 1-2 28 Rams Rams had their first win in Sept in 5 years.  Nice upset over the Redskins. 1
28 0-3 26 Lions The Lions are at least watchable and make games interesting.  Their first foru games CHI, PHI, MIN, GB.  They'll do better against the Rams and Giants. -2
29 0-3 30 Browns Good effort. Agasint the Steelers.  Hillis is now a starter on my fantasy team. 1
30 0-3 31 Bills Same Bills.  They put 31 on the Pats and still lose.  That defense is horrid. 1
31 0-3 29 49ers Almost thought the team was turning aroung after the near win against the Saints.  Turns out the 49ers are horrible and QB Alex Smith is really horrible.  Who knew? -2
32 0-3 32 Panthers Rookie QB gets his first start and they lose.  This is the worst offense in football. 0


I think I'll leave off reviewing the Colts game this week as there have been a lot of good posts already.  My bitterness towards my favorite franchise's blunders are too much to take for most Broncos fans on this forum at this point.  I'll wait until next week after we lose to the Titans.  Go Broncos!

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