State of the League: 3 Game Report

Here are thoughts and comments on how all 32 teams in the National Football League stand after 3 games. 

Arizona: 2-1 record includes narrow escapes against the Rams and Raiders.  This team has 2 major problems that will be hard to overcome.  No stability at the QB position and horrific run defense.  They do play in what looks like the weakest division so you never know. 

Atlanta: Impressive win over the Saints.  Matt Ryan is not an elite quarterback but he does have a good ground game and decent defense.  The Falcons are a good solid football team but don't do anything spectacular. 

Baltimore: Coming into the season it looked like the offense would be awesome and the defense could be suspect especially in the secondary.  Everything seems flipped around.  Offense couldn't score until playing Browns, weak 3 and the defense has been except giving up a ton of yardage to Peyton Hillis

Buffalo: Not much to say here, other than I would be willing to take over as GM of this team.  Can't tell me I would do worse.  They need to start using CJ Spiller more than they have because he is the only dynamic player they have right now. 

Carolina: Did you know Jimmy Clausen was the most NFL ready quarterback in last years draft?  Me neither.  Meanwhile the prime of DeAngelo Williams and Jonothan Stewart is wasting away while Carolina finds a QB.  I do like their front 4 though.  Very active! 

Chicago: Impressive start, minus a bad rule in Week 1. Their protection hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be.  Their RT Schaeffer has stepped in and done an admirable job.  Jay Cutler is starting to grow up a little.  I am eager to see how he responds when adversity hits this season.  Julius Peppers is playing well, but every game he seems to have a play where he is slow getting up. 

Cleveland: Good bye Eric Mangini.  Even if you do better the rest of the season I have the feeling Holmgren wants to replace you anyway.  Don't know why, just gut feeling.  Good to see Peyton Hillis doing well.  Good for him. 

Cincinnati: I think Carson Palmer is done and he has been for a while.  Oh he keeps winning and that's all well and good, but this team wins with the running game and defense.  Palmer has not looked good this season despite the wins.  How long until Terrell Owens brings this up?

Dallas: Big rebound over the Texans and if they learned anything it should be run the dang ball.  Overlooked is the fact that Wade has done a pretty good job with the defense.  While the other head coach, I mean offensive coordinator Jason Garrett is not great with the offense.  If I were Jerry Jones I'd fire Garrett but I think he likes Garrett too much to do this. 

Denver: I love the Broncos.  14-2 Baby.  Look I can't be rational or objective with this team so I'm not going to insult you by trying.  Running game must improve but I believe we can beat any team in the NFL.  

Detroit: Much better Detroit.  Schwartz is doing an admirable job.  The wins will come evenetually, losing Stafford is a huge blow not just for the team this year, but for Staffords development.  They have an athletic, aggressive front four and some nice skill players on offense.  They need to continue to build an offensive line and develop back 7 of their defense.  Louis Delmas, in only his second year is becoming an elite safety.  You don't hear much about him because he plays in Detroit

Green Bay: Awesome talent, I am not so sure of the coach anymore.  First off, setting a franchise record 18 penalties in one game is an embarrassment and reflects on the discipline of the overall team.  If this were a one game problem with the Packers it'd be one thing, but they always seem to be highly penalized  Second, McCarthy's game management at the end of the game was wrong.  Your best shot at winning is to let them score a touchdown in the that situation.  But bottom line is penalties cost Green Bay this game and the division lead. 

Houston: A lot to like about Houston: Ground game is clicking, Matt Schaub.  Andre Johnson's health is a small concern.  Tenacious front 4.  This team's success will fall on whether the back end of the defense can hold up. 

Indianapolis: Peyton Manning is Peyton Manning.  But that defense has given up a ton of yards to the Texans and the Broncos. Red Zone D and Manning bailed them out against Denver but their defense and o-line is challenging Manning to keep this as one of the league's elite teams. 

Jacksonville: I was impressed with their Week 1 win over Denver but since then they've stunk.  It's like they put so much emphasis and energy on beating Denver that they forgot about the rest of the season.  (Jaguars said that the Denver game was the most important in their franchise history) 

Kansas City: Defense and Special Teams: A+ Running Game: A- Matt Cassel: D.  Great start but Cassell is going to have to play better for this team to continue their hot start.   Good job Chiefs.  Defense is really good, but they do have like 3 top five picks on it, so it should be pretty talented. 

Miami: I thought they were on the rise and I was feeling confident about my division championship prediction for them.  Then they turn around and smack me in the face with their performance against the Jets.  The defense did not play well, I'm not buying this Mark Sanchez is now an elite QB crap.  We also saw Miam and Chad Henne fall into the old Denver Broncos trap of focusing on Marshall too much and not looking for other options.  Brandon's earning his keep though and being a good soldier.  Good for him. 

Minnesota: What's the most delicious meal.  A big bowl of Sydney Rice.  They miss him and help is not on the way.  The defense has slipped a little and Favre is more hobled than I imagined.  Don't know why he came back other than the fact he can't say no.  Funny, neither Brett Favre nor Ben Roethlisberger know what no means. 

New England: As awesome as the offense can be with Brady, Moss and Welker, Defense is atrocious.  They can't rush, they can't cover.  Week 1 versus Cincinnati was more about the Bengals incompetence on offense than their defense.  The NE defense has been in disarray for the past two years now.  And I don't see it getting better, despite their smart head coach. 

New Orleans: Hard to look at 2-1 defending champs and say whats wrong with the Saints, but I'm going to.  They have looked good at times, but not as impressive or explosive as they were last year.  Somethings missing and it's more than the Reggie Bush injury.  They seem a bit hungover, which is understandable with how they partied. 

New York Giants: This team is falling and falling fast. Hard to believe they won the Super Bowl just 3 years ago.  They are undiscipline and don't generate the same pass rush they used to.  On the bright side Kenny Phillips is becoming an elite player at safety. 

New York Jets: Like I said, Sanchez has played well the past couple weeks but I still think he has quite a ways to go.  It's interesting how much he struggles at times throwing to his right.  Obviously they are a completely different defense when Revis is in the game versus when he's out.  LaDanian Tomlinson is showing that the Chargers may have jumped the gun on when the end of his career would be. His rejuvenated and rocking and rolling.  This is a team to contend with but having a hard time seeing them in the Super Bowl. 

Oakland: Oh the Raiders are going to be so much better this year. Jason Campbell is the next Jim Plunkett.  Jamarcus Russell can sit back, sip on his codeine and say "See, it wasn't just me" Poor Nnamdi Asomougha, he deserves better.  Only win was squeaking by the Rams.  Should have beat the Cardinals, but Janikowski is known for a big leg, not big pressure. 

Philadelphia: Michael Vick is a much better quarterback, now then he was in Atlanta.  Jail makes you more accurate apparently, so Jamarcus Russell there is still hope for you.  Vick is masking the fact that the defense is not great, and the offensive line is dastardly.  If Kolb ever gets his job back, no way he'd be successful with that o-line. 

Pittsburgh.  Defense awesome, and has carried them at times.  I hope they go 4-0 and when Roethlisberger returns they go 0-4 just to put that in the face of that Weasel. 

San Diego: Rivers has done more whining than winning this year.  Seriously do they know they don't have to start this poorly every year. Interesting note, it looks like they did not miss Marcus McNeil all that much, and he reports.  It does look like  they do miss Vincent Jackson a lot and he has not reported.  Hmmmmm. AJ Smith usually makes good personnel decisions except when their big decision.  Case in point, V-Jax, Tomlinson, and Brees.  I feel he has underestimated each one of these players impact on the team. 

San Francisco: Alas, Alex Smith is not the answer.  How long have we been waiting for him to be great.  5 years now.  The talent is teasingly their and that's why every coach thinks they can change it around for him.  It's time to move on San Fran.  Also, Patrick Willis is a stud, and the D-line should be great, but the secondary, even with Nate Clements ain't all that. 

Seattle: This team is schizophrenic.  Blow out the Niners, get blown out to the Broncos, beat the Chargers.  Two observations.  First, This team can only win by being opportunistic i.e. turnovers vs. Niners, Kickoffs versus Chargers.  Second, this team might go 6-2 at home and 2-6 on the road.  Any way you split it their about .500 but that might win their division anyway. 

St. Louis: Congrats on their win.  Bradford is a huge upgrade for them.  Defense has played better, so Spagnuolo has done a good job there.  They will struggle but you can see it headed in the right direction.  If Stephen Jackson played in Dallas, New England, New York, or Washington, he'd be a Rock Star.  Although right now it'd be an injured rock star.

Tampa Bay: Josh Freeman is much improved from his college days, and Raheem Morris is showing the promise that everyone around him said he had.  Don't think they will end up in the playoffs but they bring hope.  Ronde Barber is as ageless as Brian Dawkins

Tennessee: Vince Young is still inconsisitent enough that keeps this team from being better. Chris Johnson is off to a good start but it's mediocre when considering the standards he set for himself.  (He will not rush for 2500 yards) The worry here is the defense, especially versus the pass, they are porous. 

Washington: Let's see, collapsing late against the Texans and then losing to a team below their talent level.  There's the Shanny we all know and love.  Kidding.  I root for Shanny and want him to do well.  I like McNabb if he can stay healthy, and to be honest, the NFC East isn't that intimidating anymore.  Shanny has a legitimate playoff chance.  Regardless, Josh McDaniels is still my homeboy.   

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